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10 Gray Kitchen Floor Ideas For 2022

gray kitchen floors

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen, but not sure what color to choose for the floor? Gray might be a good option. It’s a popular color that can add sophistication and style to any kitchen. There are many different shades of gray, so you can find one that will perfectly match your décor.

Plus, gray is a neutral color that goes well with most other colors. If you’re not sure whether gray is the right choice for you, here are some ideas for using it in your kitchen.

Why A Gray Kitchen Floor Though?

Before we get into the inspiring gray kitchen floor ideas, let’s look at two good reasons that gray is a classic kitchen favorite – whether for the floor, the cabinets, an accent wall, chairs or other things besides.

Gray Goes Great WIth A Great Number Of Colors

Why is it so easy to choose gray for any number of places or things in your kitchen? Well, because navy blue, bright orange, sunny yellow, bright red, teal, peach and so many other colors besides go naturally with different shades of gray.

It almost seems that you can’t go wrong with gray.

Considering Your Kitchen Space

Small kitchen owners love gray. It gives the illusion of an open, inviting space to smaller kitchens so it is the perfect color to use there.

Now let’s see 10 ways you make use of a gray kitchen floor with different fixtures and furniture to make it the favorite place in your home.

1. Get Gray Kitchen Cabinets.

gray kitchen floors

Want to make your kitchen the ultimate sleek gray space? You might think gray cabinets are a bit offbeat, but gray cabinets can go with gray floors perfectly. If you have gray wood flooring, your gray cabinets will stand out in contrast while gray granite flooring will bring gray and white together.

2. Gray Kitchen Floors With Bright Accents

gray kitchen floors

If gray floors stretch through the entire house, don’t be afraid to use brighter accent colors in the kitchen because gray is designed to blend with any color.

Orange is one of the most fun gray complement choices; the color is bold and warm at the same time. If you have gray vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, orange cabinets in your kitchen will pop even more because of the glossy finish of your floor.

Finish with either a gray or white tile backsplash to add more color to your kitchen or to extend the gray floor to your backsplash as well.

3. Gray Kitchen Floors And Green Cabinets

gray kitchen floors

Do you really want to bring nature into your kitchen in the most striking way possible? Choose dark green cabinets to make your kitchen the ultimate nature inspired place.

Add gray or light wooden brown countertops to your green cabinets to either deepen the color aesthetic or offset it with a more neutral color.

For the floor, choose a charcoal gray, concrete, or slab floor; these materials are extremely durable and aesthetic will feel right in place with dark green kitchen cabinets.

4. Make A Dedicated Shelf To Add Striking Colors

gray kitchen floors

If you’re not a big fan of accent walls, you can set up a counter to ceiling shelves. Choose warm lightning and place all sorts of small accessories: plants, colored mugs or decorative pieces to really make this area the center of attention.

Lighter floors or natural stone in the color gray will go very well in this kitchen setting.

5. Add Gray Accents To Your Kitchen Flooring.

gray kitchen floors

Use different shades of gray for your kitchen floor. If you’re into linoleum or vinyl flooring you can easily get gray patterned floor rolls to give your kitchen floor variety as far as shades are concerned.

You can then match these up by getting stainless steel appliances or putting furniture pieces that match the gray shades in your kitchen floor; add white cabinets or blue cabinets to this unique kitchen setting.

6. Bring In A Marble Slab Table Top

gray kitchen floors

If your gray kitchen flooring is plain, upgrade the kitchen aesthetic by bringing in a fancy marble slab tabletop; this will instantly make your kitchen even more fun.

The intricate patterns of the table will soon make this table the most prized piece of kitchen furniture you have.

7. Gray And Red Kitchen

gray kitchen floors

Gray and red is one of the more classic kitchen combinations. If you have stained gray hardwood floors, incorporate red in your kitchen by buying a red fridge or other red appliances. Also, keeping red barstools in your kitchen will provide it with an elegant design, these barstools will be the center of attention whenever you sit down to eat.

8. Gray And Sea Green Kitchen

gray kitchen floors

Use a very light sea green shade for your kitchen cabintes and the island; it’ll make your kitchen one the most soothing places in your home.

You can choose marble countertops to go with this gray and sea green combination; marble adds elegance to spaces that it is used in.

Finish off with gray vinyl planks for the floor to make this kitchen effortlessly unique.

9. Use Sunny Yellow To Make Your Kitchen Cheerful And Inviting

gray kitchen floors

Gray itself is an inviting shade, but add cheerful sunny yellow in your kitchen and really up the warmth of your kitchen. Yellow makes for a great complement to gray, specially darker shades of gray.

You can start with getting a yellow fridge and introducing yellow chairs in your kitchen. Don’t keep the lightning too bright in this kitchen; the yellow will already make this kitchen look bright.

If you have large kitchen windows, natural light is the most appropriate type of ‘lightning’ for this space.

10. Add Some Personality With Accessories

gray kitchen floors

Accessories can really make your gray kitchen floor stand out. Try adding a colorful rug or changing up your cabinet hardware to give your kitchen a fresh new look.

You can also choose to add small decorative pieces or plants to your kitchen to add variety.

Tips For Choosing The Right Shade Of Gray

There’s no reason gray should be reserved for just gray kitchen floor ideas. You might go gray with the cabinets, gray walls, gray appliances, gray countertops…and more! So, how do you choose the best shade? Well, it depends on what look you’re going for.

1) Darker shades of gray can give a kitchen a high-end update, but they might feel cold and depressing.

2) Lighter gray is more modern. It can make the entire room appear bigger, especially if you choose one of the gray kitchen floor ideas on this list! Furthermore, lighter gray is also great for showcasing pops of color like red or yellow. You can totally embrace your inner interior designer here.

3) Gray can also be combined with other colors for an ultra-modern look. For example, gray kitchen floor ideas in gray and yellow can look very chic!

So you see, gray isn’t just gray anymore. And that’s great news for gray lovers everywhere!

How to care for your gray kitchen flooring

One of the best things about gray flooring is that it’s easy to care for! You don’t have to worry much about dirt or stains, because gray countertops are forgiving and can be dealt with quickly. Plus, gray doesn’t fade easily, so you won’t need to clean it or reapply stain protectors.

Gray Kitchen Floor Ideas For 2022

While we love all of the white kitchens out there, sometimes a change is nice. If you’re looking to add some gray to your kitchen, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite ideas for you. From cabinets and walls to floors and backsplashes, these kitchens are sure to inspire.


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