You enjoy your home’s fresh and new feel after getting the living room and the kitchen renovated by local designers in Tampa, FL. Your next step is moving on to redecorate the master bedroom. 

You left it for last to give it your best. After all, it’s where you’ll have a sweet night’s sleep and probably spend even more time – reading books, watching TV, or just relaxing.

You’ve chosen to go with a modern urban style for your bedroom and are in search of your ideal designer who will create the bedroom of your dreams!

Here are 5 ideas for designing the perfect urban modern bedroom for your Tampa, FL home and local interior designers who can help you create exactly what you have in mind.

Go The Luxe Route With The Crespo Design Group

Have an extra-large master bedroom that you want to deck out like royalty? If budget isn’t an issue, you’d want to go all out to create a bedroom that will be right in place in any palatial house.

Here’s how to decorate your luxury urban modern bedroom: Choose flowing white marble or a high-end, authentic wood floor. You might want to go with an Alaskan King bed for this expansive room; use rich, muted gold or cream bed covers. Bring in a couple of ultra-comfortable armchairs and an ottoman or two.

Go with intricate wood dressers – an interesting choice would be to go with antique pieces of furniture.

The Designer:

Enrique Crespo from The Crespo Design Group strives to create upscale, modern bedrooms that are spectacularly unique and luxurious. He works for high-end homes and commercial spaces and gives them an authentic, spectacularly luxurious makeover.

This Tampa interior design firm will be perfect for decorating your high-end Tampa home and any number of bedrooms.

Paris Flea Interiors

5 Ideas For Designing An Urban Modern Bedroom For Your Tampa Home

Do you want to go with a softer design for your urban modern bedroom that is both calming for the eyes and the soul? Use white or light beige marble (also known as Moscato beige) for the floor, cream-colored bed covers, and beige pillow covers. 

Follow the same theme for the area rug – use something colorful. You can further accentuate with a dark brown table and cream armchairs (dark brown and cream make for great complements).

The Designer:

The owner of Paris Flea Interiors, Lisa Barnes, specializes in soothing and elegant designs with the elevated use of neutrals, ‘flowy’ marble floors, and warm chandeliers – these interiors are encompassing in their sereneness.

She uses white and beige to great effect and mixes color to make striking combinations. Lisa is your best bet if you want a sophisticated and calming space!


Are you a cheerful and very outgoing person? Do you become the center of attention everywhere you go? Well, you might want your home space to reflect your cheery and fun personality.

Choose to go with bright colors and bold patterns in your bedroom. You can lay out a turquoise and cream rug, then follow up with the same color theme for your bed sheet and covers. 

If you want to take the ‘pop’ to the walls, paint an accent wall a striking teal and put up some artwork that uses a variety of colors that match or complement your room’s overall theme.

The Designer:

Decorilla does everything right when it comes to designing spaces with a lot of colors; all their projects are easy to relate to, fun, and energizing. Decorilla is one interior designer you’ll keep falling in love with again and again!

Modern Design Homes

Don’t want your urban modern bedroom to be a cacophony of colors? And neither do you want the other extreme of ‘whitewashed’ bedrooms?

Here’s what you can do: Choose a neutral base and add colors in very small ‘pops’. Start with a neutral, full carpet for your room (cream will do, or any ‘light’ version of your preferred colors like pale green or baby blue).

Use white bedding and complement it with cream pillow covers; hang abstract artwork that makes good use of bold colors to balance the room aesthetically.

The Designer:

Gargi Joglekar (from Modern Design Homes) is a long-time Tampa resident and she knows the ins and outs of Tampa’s design needs. She creates spaces that have the perfect balance of colors and neutrals; every step (and choice) in her design process ensures that you won’t have a bedroom that’s too ‘heavy’ in one type of style or color.

She achieves sophisticated and natural balance through steady and sensible use of color in her designed spaces; she has many clients in love with their interior design experience with Gargi.

One Piece At A Time Design

So you’re looking to create an urban modern bedroom with a personality for your Tampa Bay Area home. 

Start with a pale green carpet (called a harlequin green) and accentuate with a smaller, decorative rug. Use cream or white bedsheets with a khaki comforter and pale green throw pillows.

Use a beige shade for the walls and warm lighting to balance out the colors in this setting. 

The Designer:

Yanelsy from One Piece At A Time Design, creates designs that are so effortlessly unique that you’d be surprised by how easily she creates these authentic design experiences for all her clients. 

She pays attention to all the minute details of the bedroom she is renovating – space, natural light, ceiling height, client expectations – and then creates a design that is literally ‘tailor-made’ and perfect for that very room.

It seems that everything in her decor complements everything else in the space at once. She brings the whole decor together in a cohesive way and it speaks volumes about her skill as a top-notch interior designer.

Urban Modern Bedroom For Your Tampa Home

Every homeowner has a different perspective on the perfect bedroom design. If you contact any Tampa interior designers, they will surely be able to design and decorate a bedroom that exceeds your expectations.

Interior designers  (and interior decorators)  are pros. They know exactly what will work in a given space and how to give life to the client’s design expectations. They usually come up with amazing designs and complete home decor projects that exceed client expectations.

We hope you find one (or more!) of these design ideas to be precisely what you want for your bedroom, and if you’re ready to begin your bedroom decor project, don’t hesitate to contact any of these 5 top designers to bring your design ideas to life!