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getDesignCity  is a local product discovery app for shoppers to browse nearby stores and products at their convenience. 

getDesignCity helps upscale home goods retailers offer local shoppers persuasive reasons to visit their store. 

getDesignCity engages shoppers while they build shopping lists of products at nearby stores interactively with their family, friends, or designers. It provides sustained and long-term exposure for big-ticket products among active, casual, and aspirational shoppers with its proactive approach.

With getDesignCity  shoppers discover products at nearby stores, from local stores, through our App. Shoppers browse at their convenience – at their pace, their time, with the company they choose. 

getDesignCity  actively engages shoppers in building shopping lists of nearby products with their friends, family, or designers. These shopping lists become their reasons to visit local stores. Shoppers engaged and informed this way are more likely to visit local stores and and buy when they do.

For Shoppers

Most urban shoppers, especially busy millennials, prefer to do their research online. 

They seek advice from their peers, influencers, and people they know personally, often consulting with them instantly via chat and video. 

Typically shoppers walk into a store only after researching products online before.

getDesignCity streamlines your shopping process so that you can make better decisions.

After purchase customers want updates on where their pieces are in the process and would like the opportunity to do a final check on fabrics before committing.  Using getDesignCity assists customers with all of that.

For Retailers

With getDesignCity, you can position your store on a platform custom-built for shopping conversations for big-ticket home goods. 

Shoppers and their advisors start researching ideas here, consult with each other, and decide what pieces and what store they should consider.

getDesignCity puts your store in direct digital contact with the entire shopping party, i.e., the shopper, their advisors, designers, and co-buyers. Your store gets targeted exposure among current and potential shoppers.

For Designers

Our research show that a great many shoppers don’t have the budget to hire a full-time designer to help make choices with their entire home or office. 

Shoppers would prefer to consult with an interior designer on an “as needed” basis on an hourly basis.

getDesigncity introduces new clients to you raising your income and your exposure.

getDesignCity Features

  • Shoppers can browse products at the store from inside the app
  • Shoppers can bookmark store’s products to discuss them with their co-buyers and advisors including family, friends, or designers.
  • The app presents store products in response to users’ saved searches or alert requests.
  • Shoppers can chat with the store
  • Shoppers can bookmark the store in the app for quick access to a street address, contact info, chat history, inventory, etc.
  • Shoppers can browse the store inventory
  • Wee create a custom home screen for the store to highlight products or promotions
  • Retailers send custom in-app notifications to shoppers who have bookmarked the store
  • Retailers send custom in-app delivery notifications to customers who have registered their purchase in the app to help nourish better customer experiences.
  • Retailers Get monthly data reports on how app users react to products at the store, i.e., stats on products at the store which the app’s users bookmark, discuss or rank pricing plans
  • Interior Designers are discovered on our app leading potential new clients to them

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Your Challenge

You prefer to select your own furniture.  When purchasing you look online for ideas, but there are too many sites and too much to choose from. You prefer buying at the store where you can speak to a sales person and touch and feel the pieces. 

Wrose, it’s easy to forget what pieces you’ve chosen, and that has made it impossible to make other design choices for the room.  

And, when it comes to interior designers you are interested in being able to consult with them for a few hours, as you do not have the budget to have an interior designer do the entire room.

Our Solution

With getDesignCity you can build a “wish list” of your design ideas and share and collaborate with friends, family, and designers to get their input and recommendations before going to the store to confirm your choices.

You don’t mind waiting for delivery, but expect the retailer that you are purchasing from to be proactive and prompt in providing updates about logistic and details on their purchase. 

getDesignCity is a single platform that you use to solve the challenges, and much more!