Every year, the color experts at Pantone have been making a splash in the design community by announcing what colors will be popular for the next twelve months. 

They have been consistent, and over the years, it has become a tradition that is eagerly anticipated by the design world. 

The announcement of the year’s color has always created synergy among different types of designers, including interior designers, graphic designers, and fashion designers.

The Pantone Color of the Year is a coordinated effort to create a color trend among design professionals. Pantone chooses the color each year, which has been published annually since 2000. This color is intended to encourage harmony, stimulate innovation in business and culture, and express optimism about the future. 

Who chooses Pantone’s Color of the Year?

Color can affect our perceptions and actions. Just think about how often you say, “I’m feeling blue” or “That’s golden!”

The year’s color has grown to be recognized as a reflection of what will continue to be popular in our designs for the year to come. 

Pantone is known for advancing the design industry across print, package, interior design, and apparel color. 

In most cases, Pantone chooses representatives from different countries’ color standards groups at least twice a year to present and discuss the proposed color of the year. 

Each group has representatives from different design disciplines, including fine art, design technology, and graphic design.

What is the 2022 color of the year?

The choice of a “Color of the Year” has become an event that people look forward to, and we are excited that Pantone selects a vibrant color that will brighten up our lives.

So, what is the color of the Year 2022? We know it as Very Peri! It is a completely new color released by Pantone this year. 

Pantone has been pushing us to think about happiness and embrace color as an essential part of our daily lives in recent years. They have reminded us that there is a time for being bold and going against the grain. While choosing new colors each year, they have insisted on focusing on what we want out of life.

So, this year, instead of choosing a color associated with international trends or classic colors associated with the fashion industry, the company decided to focus on something more interesting and worth our attention.

Many people wonder how Pantone came up with this unusual new color for the Year 2022. The truth is that the new color was influenced by more than just fashion.

The new periwinkle color has become one of the most popular colors in the world of art, and it reflects what is happening in different industries including interior design. It represents our transition from an isolated community into more open spaces where people communicate and express creativity. 

The new periwinkle color can also be associated with another trend that has been in existence for a while now: the need to break free from the constraints of our society and do what we want when we feel like it without worrying about existing social norms.

How to Incorporate Very Peri In Your Home

The following tips will help you to incorporate the color of the Year 2022 in your home:


veri peri room ideas

The tiles industry will be one of the first ones to recognize the new color. Many people in the tile industry will perceive color as a perfect way to remove barriers and add exciting new dimensions to our homes.

The periwinkle qualities of Very Peri will encourage designers to use this color in their work instead of the monotonous gray trends that have become so popular these days.

Of course, it is difficult to say which tiles will be ideal for this color since every industry has its specifics when it comes to colors. However, One can make some generalizations about Very Peri and tiles. For example, the color may be too much to be used in large spaces. It can be used more frequently on smaller surfaces.


veri peri room ideas

When decorating your home, there are many ways to incorporate the year’s color into one’s home. The best way is to use it as an accent color and includes some periwinkle accents in your space.

However, if you wish to scatter this new color everywhere in your house, go right ahead! It will make your home look more cheerful and cause a positive reaction in people visiting your house.

Do not be afraid of using it on larger surfaces since the color is very bright and will look fresh no matter how much space you decide to add it to. Very Peri can even cover an entire wall or room if you wish. The only thing that limits its use is your imagination.


veri peri room ideas

2022 is the year NFTs and art merge. If you wish to start a career in fine arts and become one of the first artists to experiment with Very Peri as a base color, then your time is now!

One can use color to create anything from abstract paintings and sculptures to more complex designs which incorporate this color as a feature.

The best thing about Very Peri and art is that it goes along with many other colors and will work perfectly on any design you create. If you want, feel free to use it as a base for another brighter or darker shade of blue! This way, your artwork will still stand out even if you do not use Very Peri as the only shade of blue.

Accents and Accessories

veri peri room ideas

One of the best ways to experiment with Very Peri is through accents and accessories. You can start by using its violet shades on some of your jewelry if you want.

You can also create your style by including periwinkle into any other color palette that exists or creating a unique combination without basing it on an existent palette.

You can also experiment with mixing periwinkle with other colors, such as white or gray. This way, you will create a very fresh palette that will attract some attention!

No matter what direction your artistic work takes you in 2022, Very Peri is sure to be one of the best shades of that year! It is quite “in” and will bring forth the free-spirited attitude we all wish to embody.


Very Peri is a bright shade of periwinkle that will make your home much more cheerful in 2022. It is an excellent choice for tiles, accents, and walls for homeowners who wish to make their rooms stand out from the crowd. 

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