Working from home in the past few years and generally spending more time there thanks (or no thanks!) to Covid-19, people tried to make the most of their time spent at home. From the start of 2020 to now, with long lockdowns and restrictions, every one of us thought of new, inventive ways to make our ‘home stay’ as comfortable and lively as possible.

2020 and 2021 were all about calm neutrals and warm tones  – in a nod to reassurance that people sought during Covid. 

Top interior design trends in 2022 will be about adding cheerful and fun vibes to your home with bright colors and patterns – so that places the people live in are a constant source of pleasure and fun.

Here are 8 ways you can use bright colors and bold patterns to make your space upbeat and joyful.

1. Decorate With A Colorful Base

If you think painting all the walls orange might be overkill, you can instead choose to have an orange accent wall and add different pops of color to the room that complement orange – hang up some artwork, use a small, round table with yellow-painted legs, use a blue wall clock.

Make sure you have lots of  natural light in this room, or the ‘overuse’ of bold colors in any space will quickly become tiring. 

You can also soften the orange wall by adding decorative white patterns (on the wall) or add a white rug to this space.

2. Consider A Bold Rug With Intricate Patterns and Lots Of Color

bright colors and bold patterns home decorating

Bring in a rich rug with intricate patterns – red, navy blue, or brown will instantly enhance your living room. A rug is the perfect way to add color and pattern to a room and can help to define different spaces within a room. For example, you could use a red rug to define the seating area in your living room, or a rug with a bold pattern could be used to add interest to a plain space.

You should use contrast to accentuate your rug ; if it’s a rich red persian rug, then use gray sofas and table with a white marble top, if the rug is a creamy one, you should ‘match’ it with maroon or navy blue sofas.

3. Bring The Color With Throw Pillows

Use colorful cushions and throws to brighten up your living space. If you have a gray or white sofa, complement it with yellow, blue, or orange throw pillows. 

If you’ve chosen a navy blue sofa, try orange or pink throw pillows and a pink throw rug. If you have a white sofa, you can use multi-colored polka dot covers for your throw pillows.

4. Paint Your Front Door A Bright Color

Have you ever gone to a home with a front door painted bright yellow and you couldn’t help but smile a little? The color yellow has that effect on mood – a cheery, uplifting effect.

That’s what you can make your guests (and, more importantly, yourself) feel as well whenever they come to visit. If you’re painting your front door yellow, hang some red peonies near the door as well (for contrast).

If you choose a navy blue for the front door, then use daisies, jasmine, or hydrangeas near your front door; and if you’re going with a red front door then use sunflowers or dahlias.

5. Create A Pink Heaven

bright colors and bold patterns home decorating

You can play around with different shades of pink to make your living space calming and creative at the same time. Lighter shades of pink have a soothing effect on the mind – you can paint your walls a baby pink to have this cascading calm in your living room or bedroom and pair it up with a magenta or fuchsia-colored sofa.

You can further enhance this aesthetic by using soft lines and curvy furniture – anything to enhance the ‘soft and calm’ ambiance of this room.

6. Live Up Your Room With A Splash Of Colors

bright colors and bold patterns home decorating

This style goes particularly well in the kids’ room. Paint the walls a calming sky blue and then accentuate with a host of bright colors and patterns; from trendy art pieces on the wall to brightly colored table lamps. 

Use a blue bedspread and multi colored bed covers – you can also do it vice versa.

7. Decorate With Nature Inspired Interiors

Some homeowners are completely in love with everything (to do with the) outdoors –  and they want their homes to reflect that fresh, energizing, full-of-life vibe. 

If you’re one such owner, here’s how to ‘bring the outdoors in’. Start with installing a leaf-print wallpaper on one of your living room walls, and enhance the nature-inspired aesthetic by placing several plants throughout the space.

Bring in some curved furniture, a green or blue sofa would be right in place here and add a lamp with a base made of natural materials. 

Finish off by placing a wooden bookcase in your living room and add a box-pattern blue, and green area rug. 

8. Make Your Kitchen A Place To Enjoy Your Meals

Most families enjoy their meals in the kitchen and we’re all for making your kitchen a colorful space. Start by getting a simple kitchen table and adding chairs in a variety of colors to it.

Add colorful table mats to enhance the look; and use the same (multicolor) theme elsewhere in the kitchen; you can actually set up a small bookshelf or choose to go with a blue toaster, a yellow microwave or red fridge.

Interior Design Trends 2022

Whether you want to keep an eye for traditional details or want to decorate your outdoor spaces, adding color to any space will make sure that setting has its own personality. 

You can choose a colorful design style or play with patterns (with rugs and wallpapers), or mix antique furniture with your colorful space, or even if you want to bring nature indoors, these 8 design options will help you design your perfect, colorful space.

You can also look up interior designers online and tell them the look you’re going for; they’ll be happy to make your home just the way you want it.

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