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Interior design is always changing and evolving, with new trends and styles emerging all the time; interior design for 2022 is all about using curves, textures, and nature-inspired prints and interiors.

If you’re looking to update your home decor for 2022, then you’ll want to consult with some of Raleigh’s top interior designers. They can help you choose a style that will be on-trend for the coming year and will still be timeless and elegant.

Here are 7 well-known interior design services from Raleigh, NC that are sure to strike your fancy and inspire you to recreate your space for 2022.

Tranquil Designs

This aptly named interior designer is all about soft hues and calming spaces; Tranquil Designs of Wake Forest (an award winning designer) emphasizes using natural and wood tones as a base color and then complementing it in pops of bright (sky) blue, orange and sunny yellow.

Another design basic from this interior designer is (using) cream, beige, light brown sofas, and chairs and complementing them with plush gray and beige rugs or laying out intricate Persian carpets in a soft color spectrum.

Level 5 Designs

Level 5 Designs leans towards the bold and the beautiful, using rich colors to make a multicolored, trendy space. From navy blue sofas to black cabinets and bookcases, adding in pops of yellow, orange, and black with the throw pillows in your bedroom.

But this interior is not all about bold colors, but appealing contrast that makes any home space – from the living room to your kitchen – a work of art.

Here’s how you can use Level 5 Designs in your home:

Living Room: Choose a black sofa and contrast it with white and cream patterned throw pillows. Add in a gray throw for added effect. Paint the walls white – and you can use golden-brown floral motifs on your walls to add more pizzazz to your living room.

Bedroom: Use dark blue bed covers, orange pillows and place a bright orange ottoman at the foot of your bed. To give some ‘light’ to this rich bedroom, paint the walls a neutral color that matches with dark blue – a light cream or gray will do.

Rathell Designs

raleigh nc interior designers

Memorably comfortable designs are at the forefront of the Rathell Designs philosophy: it is rustic, airy and very familiar at the same time. With these designs, you will quickly get fond of the effortless beauty of your living space.

Simple vases, lots of flowers, pendant lights and elaborate chandeliers are crucial design elements of Rathell Designs.

Here’s how you can use interior design services from Rathell Designs in your home

Living Room

Install a gray wood vinyl floor and place dark beige sofas with a round, wood center table and a beige patterned cream carpet in your living room; set up a striped accent wall and paint the (other) walls in off-white or cream shade.

Install boxed pendant lights and place a potted plant on the center table.


Install an oak wood floor and complement it with white bed tables; use white bed covers with pastel pink pillows. If you’re planning on bringing a sofa chair in your room, bring one in a beige colored fabric. Add a pink throw blanket on the sofa chair for your cozy, winter night reading sessions.

Spotted Interior Design

This interior designer from North Carolina is all about creating fun, playful and creative spaces. The owner Annie Marchetta makes her designs all about uplifting and colorful themes with pastel colors contrasted with cheery hues and the use of leafy plants and lots of lightning.

Spotted Interior homes dazzle with pops of color and unique furniture pieces that will make you smile. While eclectic may not be for everyone, if you’re looking to inject a little bit of joy into your life, then you should definitely consider Spotted Interior Design.

Rosy Alexander Interiors

raleigh nc interior designers

Katherine Connell Interior Designs

Katherine Connell’s design philosophy is about making classic living spaces with a modern twist. Her designs incorporate a sleek and organized aesthetic; from red leather sofas to granite countertops in the kitchen; from the combination of baby blue curtains and white bed covers to the contrast of charcoal gray kitchen cabinets against a light wood floor.

To decorate your room with Katherien Connell designs, you should use a light wood floor and paint the walls a light beige or cream. Use calming neutrals on your bed; a taupe shade for your bed covers and ivory or sand-colored pillow covers. Make sure to keep the lightning warm and pleasant.

Brueckner Design

raleigh nc interior designers

Brueckner Design a stylishly functional interior design firm from Raleigh NC; they make cozy and functional spaces – perfect for smaller homes – and make optimum use of space. From quaint corner bookcases to comfy two seater sofas and patterned rugs.

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, then you might want to consider using bold patterns and bright colors. And how about colorful artwork? All these can add a lot of personality to a room and can really make it stand out. 

Or, you could go for a more traditional look with classic furnishings and muted colors. It all depends on your personal taste and what you want your home to reflect.

Top Raleigh Interior Designers

There are many top-notch interior designers from Raleigh who can create your dream space (residential and commercial); whether you want a rustic and simple living space or prefer a cheerful vibe to your living room or want to go with soft and calming hues; with these 7 interior designers, you can confidently get on with your home renovation project in 2022.

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