It’s no secret that top Tampa interior designers are always on the lookout for new trends in home design. The best interior designers are always ahead of the curve, whether it’s a new color palette, furniture style, or architectural detail. So what can we expect to see in home design in 2022?

Here are some of the top designers from Tampa and their suggested trends to watch for in 2022:

Crespo Design Group

Enrique Crespo features at the top of any interior designer for Tampa. He (and the Crespo Design Group) create luxurious spaces for high-end homes. He has consistently been voted and won the Best of Houzz Design Award six times with nine Houzz awards overall.

He has been called ‘a true artist’ and ‘an absolute pleasure to work with’ by his clients. He’s a true expert in residential and commercial design and provides a full-service interior design. 

More Neutrals and Clear Lines

While there will always be a place for bright, bold colors in home design, we’re seeing a trend towards neutrals and more understated palettes. This is especially true in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, where a sleek, modern look is becoming increasingly popular.

Soft Textures

Having spent a lot of time in their homes the past couple of years, families are looking to make their living more thoughtful, and with softer textures. Calming designs are in, whether with wallpapers or wall patterns.

Tweak Your Space

There’s just something powerful about Debbie Perez (from Tweak Your Space) that makes her an instant favorite with all of her clients. Maybe it’s her amazing design sense or the fact that she’s involved in each design from the heart – her clients sense that, and Debbie continues to go in popularity as one of the most sought-after designers in the Tampa area.

She creates a perfect space – whether you’re looking to redo a room or the entire house – from artful conceptions to color planning, from unique designs to immaculate interior finishes, Debbie’s interior design experience is second to none.

Green Is In

Whether it be using floral bedding, bringing in a sea green sofa or chairs, or placing some potted plants, the color green is making a sure comeback as a desired interior design trend in 2022.

Designs That Evoke Emotion

Debbie Perez believes that good design should evoke emotion. She designs with the intention of creating spaces that make people feel happy, relaxed, and at peace.

Global Influence

With increasing numbers of people traveling (after the lifting of restrictions worldwide), we see more homes with a design inspired by global influence. Designers incorporate elements from different cultures into their work, resulting in unique and exciting spaces.

Cruz Interiors. LLC

Christina Cruz is well-known for her signature style: Using eco-friendly materials to create luxury spaces. Being a well-known Tampa interior designer, she has won 9 Houzz awards (including the Best Houzz Design and Best Houzz Service awards for 2021).

More Natural Materials

Interior designers are beginning to incorporate more natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. This is partly due to the growing popularity of “rustic chic” design, but it’s also a response to the trend towards sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Spaces by Leah

Leah Chorniak’s (Spaces By Leah) designs keep comfort at the forefront of her design philosophy. She provides interior design services to several clients in the Tampa area and has several suggestions of what trends will be big this year.

Move Away From Gray

Gray is one of the classic ‘cool’ interior design colors, but Leah sees people moving away from it because it has become commonplace in homes everywhere.

People aren’t necessarily moving towards bright and bold colors, but more towards pastels and neutrals. From pale pink to cerulean green, from pale pink to cream, there’s a lot of preference for calmer, more ‘even’ spaces.

Kids’ rooms used to be usually bright, but even their homeowners are increasingly using muted shades of pink, blue and green mixed with cream, beige and white.

Metal Color

Another trend that Leah sees increasingly in 2022 is the use of metal color; not just brushed nickel but more expressive choices like satin, matte gold, or polished nickel.

Decker Ross Interiors

Suzan Decker Ross has been in the business for more than thirty years, and she’s seen as sort of an expert on all things interior design. Her Tampa interior design firm Decker Ross Interiors has clients throughout Florida.

From custom window treatments to (complete) home renovation, Suzan does it all.

She sees the following trends being integral to 2022:

Living Walls

Due to people being locked most of the time indoors in the last two years (and seldom being out in nature), indoor gardens are fast becoming a trend in 2022. Flowering plants in the living room and kitchen herb gardens are all the rage right now.

Light Wood Floors

Light woods like Oak are increasingly popular among homeowners right now. Moving away from the use of mahogany and cherry floors, light floors will see more acceptance in 2022.

Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors

Priscilla from Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors has a “great eye for decorating” according to one of her clients on Houzz. She leads a woman-only team to create wondrous luxurious spaces and has consistently been voted the Best of Houzz Service.

She notes three crucial elements to her design strategy:

Beauty: Designing spaces that enrich lives

Functionality: Comfortable and practical everyday living

Suitability: A home is only as good as the owner’s approval for it – and so, a design that resonates with the owner is at the core of Priscilla’s design process.

Curved Furniture

One of the more notable trends popping up lately is curved furniture. This includes sofas, chairs, and even coffee tables with soft, rounded edges. This trend is all about creating a more organic, relaxing feel in your home.

More Focus On The Individual

There has been a shift towards more personalized and customized homes in recent years. This trend will only continue in 2022, as homeowners increasingly want their homes to reflect their individual style and taste.


Interior design and trends reflect the world as a whole; new trends emerge in response to events affecting the people. Covid-19, for one, forced people to spend a lot of time indoors, and from that came the people’s yearning to integrate their homes with the outdoors – thus, we saw a move towards organic materials and nature-inspired interiors.

We hope the trends (and designers) listed here will guide you in your home renovation project in 2022.

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