bathroom decorating ideas

A good bathroom interior design is important because it can affect your mood and make you feel calm and relaxed, while a bad design can make you feel stressed out and uncomfortable.

A great bathroom uplifts your mood first thing in the morning when you enter the gleaming white space or take a hot bath in the freestanding bathtub, the appealing aesthetic will make you start your morning on a good note.

Below are ten great bathroom designs for homeowners in Tampa and where you’ll likely find them. We know that, some designs are much more popular than others. The following designs have been sorted according to their preference by homeowners (in descending order).

Contemporary Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

The most popular bathroom design choice, a contemporary bathroom interior is defined by clean lines, minimalism, and a neutral color palette. This type of bathroom is perfect for those who prefer a sleek, no-fuss aesthetic. 

To create a contemporary bathroom, start with simple furnishings in white or other light colors. Then use darker colors in the form of dark wood for the vanities. To add visual interest, you can also add bright colors (orange, yellow, or pink) in pops – flowers, accessories, and the mirror’s border. 

The Designer: S&W Designs

Loren and the team provide interior design services and are a very popular choice for homeowners looking to create a contemporary bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A traditional bathroom interior is characterized by ornate details, ample storage, and a soothing color palette. This type of bathroom is perfect for those who want a comfortable and relaxing space. 

To create a traditional bathroom, start with classic fixtures like clawfoot tubs or pedestal sinks. Then add in plenty of storage cabinets and decorate with vintage-inspired items. Finally, use warm, neutral colors to create a calming atmosphere.

The Designer: S&L Interiors

Susan from S&L interiors has an eye for traditional designs and does them to perfection. She’s one of the best Tampa interior designers for homeowners who prefer more intricate designs.

Transitional Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A transitional bathroom interior is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. This type of bathroom is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. 

To create a transitional bathroom, start with a mix of traditional and contemporary fixtures – a modern (and sleek) bathtub and oak bathroom floor accentuated by traditional wood vanities and warm lighting. Add traditional, ornate faucets to the sink.

The Designer: Baths, Kitchens, More

If you’re in love with elements of (both) modern and traditional bathrooms, you need a transitional bathroom. A transitional bathroom is a welcome change from ‘uniform theme’ bathrooms, taking elements from both styles.

Bathroom designers like Jim ensure that your liking for traditional and modern bathrooms is perfectly delivered with a top-notch transitional bathroom design.

Modern Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A modern bathroom interior is defined by its simplicity and functionality, from stone floors to no-fuss vanities, from neutral colors to straight lines and simple decor. This type of bathroom is perfect for those who want a sleek, modern look.

Bring in a colorful rug by the vanity and hang a couple of potted plants by the mirror if you wish to mix it up.

The Designer: Hyde Park Renovations

Eclectic Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

An eclectic bathroom interior is a mix of styles and influences. It has no ‘regular’ style, rather it borrows from many interior design trends. With an eclectic bathroom, you should expect the unexpected.

This type of bathroom is perfect for those who want a unique and personalized space. From large, gold-framed mirrors to farmhouse sinks, from blue tiles on the wall to a herringbone pattern on the floor, from vintage lighting to a modern vanity. You can also add personal touches, like artwork or photographs. 

The Designer: Epoch Solutions Inc.

If you’re in love with a lot of styles, then your best bet would be the eclectic interior style. Pick and choose to install whatever – whatever – you deem fit for your bathroom.

Epoch Solutions have worked on many successful eclectic interior design projects and are really good at what they do – from conception to installation.

Craftsman Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A craftsman bathroom interior is defined by its focus on quality craftsmanship – intricate woodwork – and attention to detail. It’s a delight to homeowners fond of traditional spaces and traditional values.

To create a craftsman master bath, install a wood vanity with patterns on its borders. Use stone tiles for a more ‘earthy’ feel for the floor and then add in classic fixtures and finishes. Use muted colors or neutrals on the walls – cream, sky blue, pale pink will do wonderfully.

The Designer: Inndesign Inc

Having worked on numerous craftsman bathrooms – and being a very popular interior designer –  Vesta will pay personal attention to the intricate details of your craftsman bathroom and hand over a project you’ll be overjoyed with.

Beach Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A beach bathroom interior is inspired by the ocean and its soothing colors and textures; it’s also airy, open, and bright. If you’re a beach person, this interior design will be perfect for you.

The main colors used in a beach bathroom are white, blue, and green and this bathroom features decorations like seashells, starfish, and other nautical elements.

Coastal or beach bathrooms usually use white for the walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other hues. A navy blue mixed with white will be the perfect combination here. The main idea is: Keep it open and taking inspiration from the ocean.

The Designer: Renaissance Design Studio

Missi and John create immaculate coastal, modern and traditional bathrooms – their major projects have centered around a coastal design.

As winners of several awards they will be the perfect choice for your beach-style bathroom.

Mediterranean Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A Mediterranean bathroom has the richness of the Med infused into its soul. From ornate rugs and tapestries to mosaics for the floor, the Mediterranean style is rich and classy. These bathrooms often have a spa-like feel, with plenty of natural light and airy spaces.

The Designer: Patty Figiel.

Did someone say ‘Mediterranean’? If you’re in love with this warm interior style, you should contact Patty, and she’ll be more than obliged to make your Mediterranean bathroom a stunning reality.

Rustic Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

If you want it simple and natural, a rustic bathroom will be your most obvious choice: unassuming wood vanities and earthy tones for the walls, to jute ‘rugs’ and the use of other natural materials. 

A rustic bathroom interior may also have a clawfoot tub, wooden beams, and stone tile. These bathrooms often evoke a feeling of being in nature, with earthy tones and materials.

The Designer: Give Me My Space

Faith has tremendous talent as an interior designer and project manager. She has multiple projects running in southern and West Florida (Tampa Bay) at any one time.

She has a knack for traditional and rustic designs and as one of the most prominent bathroom designers in Tampa, she should be on top of your list for a rustic bathroom design.

Whether you just require custom cabinetry or a full design and decor, Faith has what it takes to complete a wonderful job.

Farmhouse Bathroom

bathroom decorating ideas

A Farmhouse bathroom is inspired by countryside houses and their interior design style. It features deep sinks, large vanities, floors with wide-tile style, and warm lighting. These bathrooms may also feature rather unconventional barn doors. 

Other features may include a large tub, white subway tile, and distressed wood cabinets. These bathrooms often feel homey and cozy, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Designer: A&C Kitchens

Sheila is an expert bath design professional – her projects include both kitchens and bathrooms – and she has several farmhouse bathroom projects under her belt.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Tampa Home

Whether you’re looking to go with a (full) bathroom renovation project and just looking to make some updates, all of these designers would love to get started with you on your preferred style.

If you have something in mind, contact them for an initial consultation; if you don’t, then don’t worry; they’ll be more than happy to guide you.

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