A new office at home is the dream of many people.

Whether you’re looking to create a space for working from home or just want a designated spot to catch up on email, pay bills, or other household tasks, these ideas will help you get inspired.

What will the home office of 2022 look like? We can only speculate, but here are 10 design ideas that we think will be popular.

Some are classic and minimalistic, while others are more eclectic and playful. So whatever your style, there’s sure to be something for you in this roundup!

Here are 10 home office design ideas for 2022:

1) Personal space

If you’re going to start working from home then it’s really important that you have a quiet space to call your own, which means that nobody else should be able to invade your personal space.

Of course, the easiest way to accomplish this is to actually have a separate room for your office, but it’s not always possible if you’re short on space.

In that case, just make sure you have a door in the room, and then nobody will really want or be able to go in there. Also, don’t forget about storage space for your stuff so you’ll have everything at hand when you need it.

2) Let in some light

You’re not at the office anymore so why would you want to sit in a dark room? In fact, studies have shown that workers who have their workspace flooded with natural light are more productive and efficient.

This is especially true if you’re sitting in front of a computer all day without any distractions or interactions with other people.

3) Make the most out of your modern tech

Although this point could easily be number one on our 10 home office design ideas for 2022 list, we think it’s better to put it lower because it’s actually not very hard to implement nowadays.

You can get yourself an LCD monitor or even a multi-display setup which will not only look great but also allow you to multitask. You can then get a wireless keyboard and mouse to go with it, leaving your desk free from wires and clutter.

4) Get the right ergonomic furniture

You may have heard of this before in relation to work in general, but if you want to make sure that you won’t end up with back problems, then it’s always a good idea to invest a bit extra in quality furniture.

This way you’ll save money in the long term by avoiding expensive visits to the doctor because after years of working on a cheap chair you’ve ended up with poor posture or sciatica.

5) Make it Comfortable

As we said above, comfort is really important when you’re working from home, but it’s also not very productive if you keep getting distracted by the mess all around you.

Getting organized is one of 10 home office design ideas for 2022 that everyone will tell you about, but yet hardly anyone does anything about. Take your time to make your space neat and tidy so you won’t be feeling stressed out every time you walk in there.

6) Apply The Mountain Pose Design

Through mountain posture, yoga practitioners are able to ground themselves in the resilient stillness of nature. They’re able to focus and remain calm at the same time.

The items in this mountain home office theme evoke the quiet and tenacious strength of the mountains with their sturdy designs and natural hues.

7) Add some green

As we’re talking about 10 home office design ideas for 2022 it’s only natural that we also bring up the whole point of reducing your eco-footprint and working in an environmentally friendly way.

One of the easiest things you can do is add some plants to your desk or put a small pot on a windowsill. The added oxygen will help you relax and concentrate better at the same time, so you should definitely give it a try.

8) Try a standing desk

The 10 home office design ideas for 2022 that we’re talking about in this article is to try and avoid sitting down for most of the day, but if you can’t incorporate any of them into your daily routine then at least you should try and stand up while working with your laptop or computer.

This way you’ll take the pressure off your back and you’ll be more efficient as well.

9) Use Natural Colors

One of 10 home office design ideas for 2022 is to incorporate natural colors into your room, especially if it’s going to double as a guest room or a children’s bedroom.

There are plenty of great green features that can work really well and you don’t have to go with the obvious choice of painting everything bright green. Instead, opt for earthy neutrals and subtle shades that will give your room a more natural look.

10) Add Some Artwork

Last, but not least 10 home office design ideas for 2022 is to add some artwork. It can be art in general like paintings you like or family photos, but it can also be something specific that will have a more functional aspect.

For example, having your diplomas and certificates on the wall of your office space will be not only a decorative choice, but you’ll also feel more motivated to work hard and stay on top of your game.


We covered 10 home office design ideas for 2022 that will help you create the perfect environment for working at home.

Put some time aside to transform your space into something really neat and organized, make it comfortable and embrace 10 home office design ideas for 2022

Some of these trends will take some time to grow on you, but they will surely make your space functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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