Blue sofas make for striking living room furniture; people usually go with more neutral shades for living room furniture but mixing bold colors with neutrals can enhance a living room’s aesthetic many times over.

There are a lot of options for blue sofas when you’ve decided on one for your living room, but what you’ve first got to consider are the dimensions of your living room plus any present furniture that will contrast with your new piece of furniture. You’ve got to make sure you use colors that go in harmony with your pick for the blue sofa.

What colors go with blue in a living room?

For sofas that are a darker shade of blue, use pastel or white shades for the walls. You can also make a blue accent wall with the rest in neutral shades. Light blue sofas go well with dark gray, white, dusty brown tones.

For the curtains, a lot of options go with a medium to dark shaded blues. You want to make sure that if you don’t have a living with access to too much light, then you go with white, beige, or similar curtains. With moderate amounts of sunlight flitting into your room, the white or neutral curtain color selection gives a ‘glow’ to your room.

For carpets in your living room, go with earthy hues, gray or aqua. For light blue sofas, go with white, airy blue, or lavender.

1. Baby Blue Airy Living Room

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

The first idea here may be the most novel: An airy baby blue sofa that will give you the calming sensation of looking at the sky on a gorgeous sunny day. This very pleasant shade has an instant soothing effect on one’s mood when entering the room. If you have large windows and ample natural light streaming into the room, this will enhance the aesthetic of your living room many times over.

You can complement this interior design by choosing beige cushions and painting the walls a clear shade of beige; to add contrast, choose a navy blue table as your centerpiece. Add flavor to the walls by hanging a few minimalist frames.

2. Blue Gray Sectional Sofa

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

This subdued blue-grays sectional sofa is just the right shade for a living room; not too ‘bright’, neither too plain to melt into the background. It is the perfect statement piece. You can choose to go a more unconventional shade for your room walls with this sofa: an orange accent wall for the perfect pop.

Or you can go the conventional route and choose to go with peach, mauve, or gray – all of them will enhance your centerpiece and be soothing to the eyes. Have a glass table with metal legs to finish decorating this sophisticated living room.

3. Blue & Orange – An Appealing Contrast

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

If you want to go minimal AND aesthetic, then this look is sure to make you look twice. A combination of a pale blue sofa and contrasting orange pillows, add in a cotton rug with floral accents and gray hues to add more color to this minimal setting and finish up with an art piece that matches your sofa color scheme.

4. Keep It Cozy With Deep Blue

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

You can choose a deep blue couch and still have an earthy, comfortable living room. This option pairs a clean, square foam-filled sofa with a wooden floor, beige circular pattern rug, and a beige wooden table with metal, block legs.

Because of the soft furnishings complementing the blue sofa, this living room gives a very calming vibe. Add several black and white vintage picture frames to complete this blue couch living room.

5. Blue Velvet Sofa With Orange Ottoman And Geometric Rug

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

This crushed velvet blue sofa and orange ottoman combination is a treat for the eyes; it is the perfect family sofa. Here’s how to make this color combo work: Choose an oceanside blue color for the door to contrast with the dark teal blue walls.

The orange ottoman serves to really make the contrasting tones vivid and very pleasant. Add a few minimal paintings to the walls to give the room more color and add white side tables and lamps to match the cushions.

6. Go The Glam Route With This Royal Blue Tufted Sofa

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

The royal blue tufted sofa is really an elegant statement piece; paired with matching velvet pillows, a rich blue rug, and golden furnishings, this makes for the ultimate luxe living room.

Paint the ceiling a rich off-white and walls a dark navy blue to complete this sophisticated living room decor. Add a few green plants to balance out the dark colors in this living space.

7. Choose A Blue Boho Living Space

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

A whimsical design: this modern take on the boho trend is bold, fun, and playful. The sofa, being the focal point of the living room itself, is a rustic blue and the non-conforming green grey cushions add an atypical flavor to the whole setting. The white rug with a faded blue circular flower pattern further strengthens the theme of the furniture.

This blue sofa bohemian vibe comes across as effortlessly 80’s; finish up this by adding simple, white curtains … a brown granite table with a white-painted wood base … and a few leafy plants.

8. Cinderella Blue Sofa With White Cushions

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

Simple and refined, this living room has experimented with a few chosen different colors. The cinderella blue velvet sofas stir visual interest and adding white pillows to the blue couch makes the color stand out, even more; this is one of the blue couch living room ideas that are very easy to assemble.

To experiment with the look, you can add burnt orange cushions; if added on top of the white pillows, they will balance out the color scheme. If added as a single option, they will make the sofa color more prominent.

You can have a gray wall or a dark beige wall; both will sit well with this color; add a patterned green and white rug and granite top center table to top off this look.

9. Plain Royal Blue Sectional Sofa With Multi Colored Cushions

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

Sometimes less is more and this royal blue sectional blue sofa proves it. Adding a wooden top table and eastern motif area rug makes this a great setting. But our favorite thing here is the multicolor texture and styles added to the whole living area.

You’ve got the bright orange and striped blue and white cushions, you’ve got the white walls and the hanging plants and minimal frames; this living room has it all.

10. Striped Blue Sofa With Cushion

10 Ideas For An Blue Sofa For Your Living Room

Blue couches are elegant, and then there’s this striking striped navy blue and white sofa – endlessly appealing. Add cream-colored cushions to the striped option and have some playful variety to the two-color sofa.

Make Your Living Room Blue In 2022

With personal color preferences all over the place, we can say for sure that going with a blue sofa (and blue-themed living rooms) is not going to go out of fashion soon. With the people adopting bold, lively colors in response to the Covid-induced gloom and dreariness (of the last couple of years), experimenting with uplifting colors is meant to have a positive psychological impact, and surely what we need now.

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