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Living Room Sofa Ideas – 10 Color Trends

Are you considering a new sofa for your living room in 2022? If so, you’ll want to keep up with the latest color trends. 

We’ve compiled the latest trends in sofa colors so you can make the best decision for your home. Whether you want to go with a classic color like navy blue or stick with something more trendy like millennial pink, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of the sofa colors that are popular right now in living room furniture. Keep in mind, however, that what’s popular today may not be popular tomorrow. So, whether you choose a trendy or more timeless color, make sure it’s one you’ll love for years to come.

1. Red Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

This classic color always makes a bold statement and never goes out of style. It’s also versatile enough that it can be easily paired with other colors.

You might pair a red sofa with patterned cushions of different textures (wool and linen), patterns (gingham and polka dots) and subtle hues (navy blue). Alternatively, you might pair a red sofa with natural wood tables and lighter colors.

2. Blue Sofa 

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

The perfect compliment to almost any other color, blue is another popular choice right now. It’s especially calming and serene in light shades such as sky blue or powder blue. 

If you’re thinking of getting the classic blue sofa in natural textures such as cotton, linen or wool, try pairing it with natural wood end tables and lighter colors such as off white or cream. You might also consider adding some color to the room by using a diverse selection of patterned décor like polka dots and plaid.

3. Burnt Orange Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

This shade may not be for everyone, but burnt orange is certainly a popular color in home decor right now. If you’ve got other items in your living room in shades of brown or gold, you might want to consider this hue. 

Royal Blue, Dark Teal and Ivy Gray are other favorites with a burnt orange sofa; it all depends on the chosen ambiance for your living space.

Want to make the sofa pop in your living room? Choose a more neutral palette (gray, off-white, or beige). If you want to create a more cozy living room, use complementing bold colors. Brunt orange is also a fun accent piece against dark wood or stone flooring.

For the wall color, you might consider a shade of brown or a subtle gold.

4. Navy Blue Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

It’s easy to draw all the inspiration to compliment a navy blue sofa in your living right from your own head because navy blue is such a classic, attractive color. 

It can make style statements in many ways; it provides subtle contrast in living spaces. Do you want to keep your living room simple apart from the Navy Blue sofa? You needn’t worry, your sofa will be a ‘stand-out’ piece all by itself.

Colors that go well with Navy Blue are bright green, red and golden yellow. It goes well with both wood and stone flooring and it can also be a lovely choice for a sitting area in your bedroom.

5. Gray Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

Gray sofas are one of the most popular interior design choices right now. They can be paired with just about anything else in your living room since gray goes well with so many colors. 

If you have a gray sofa, you can pair it up with bold red, black or even bright orange pillows; for the curtains you can opt for marigold yellow. You can even create a gray, black and white color scheme to be in line with more traditional living room trends.

Other colors you might want to consider are lavender, periwinkle (Very Peri, Pantone’s Color of The Year), millennial pink, taupe gray or antique white. With gray it’s also a question of simply upgrading soft furnishings if you don’t want to make too many changes to your living room.

6. Beige Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

A beige sofa is an ever-popular neutral choice, whether it’s muted beige or a deeper tan. It works well with almost anything and will provide a relaxed feel to your living space.

This color is interchangeable and goes well with other shades of brown, light gray, yellow or even green; you can also use contrasting colors such as black and white.

You might want to avoid dark wood pieces if you’re opting for beige. Oranges, reds and greens (especially olive green) are good choices of color when paired with beige.

7. Emerald Green Sofa 

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

An emerald green sofa is certainly a bold choice, but it’s quickly becoming one that people are turning to more and more. It adds just the right amount of pop in a contemporary living room (and it looks great!). You might consider pairing it with teal or yellow accessories or other furniture pieces to brighten up the room (wooden tables go great with emerald sofas!) 

8. Mustard Yellow Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

Although it may seem like an odd choice at first, mustard yellow is actually quite popular in living room trends right now. It’s also very versatile – you can pair it with black or white accent pieces to make the color really pop – and make your mustard yellow sofa the focal point of the room.

Also, pairing it with shades of gray or white will help tone down the brightness of this color while enhancing its appeal.

9. Dark Blue Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

Dark blue can give your living room a stately feel that looks beautiful paired with light neutrals or dark hues. Make sure you choose a dark blue that isn’t too bold – it should blend in with the entire space.

For example, if you love dark blue sofas but envision something more modern for your living room decor, you can pair it with white walls and light hardwood flooring.

Alternatively, if you’ve got dark wood floors and dark furniture pieces already in the space, dark blue goes perfectly with these hues.

It’s also important to consider your entire living room space when choosing a sofa color. If there are natural materials or dark wood furniture pieces in the room, a dark blue sofa will help tie all of these components together.

On the other hand, if there are light colored walls and light hardwood floors, pairing this color with something more natural like linen or cotton may be a better option for you. 

10. Brown Sofa

Living Room Sofa Ideas - 10 Color Trends

A great pale brown sofa for your living room, tan is a fun color that will never go out of style. It’s also very casual and works well in homes with rustic or traditional décor. Ideal colors to match with tan are: navy, green and red. Maybe get a navy blue ottoman to contrast with your tan sofa or emerald green pillows to give more flavor to your sofa.

Also, because it matches so many things, you can go all out with bold patterns and textures to combine different styles together. 

You don’t have to be a design expert to add color and style with your sofa. There are plenty of ways you can spice up the look of your living room, from using colorful throw pillows or art, arranging vases on an end table, and placing plants in different areas around the space. 

But if you want something more permanent than these temporary touches, think about changing out the colors in your sofa set this year! With so many new trends available there’s no need to stick with what you’ve had for years (or even months)! 


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