It’s no secret that black tile is a popular choice for bathroom floors. Not only does it look sleek and modern, but it’s also easy to keep clean. If you’re thinking about installing black tile in your bathroom, here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

1. Black Honeycomb Floor

black and white bathrooms

A honeycomb floor is a recent trend that makes any bathroom floor exude effortless elegance. A black honeycomb floor adds even more sophistication to this design; it’s trendy, easy on the eyes and even though it’s black, it does not come across as imposing.

Contrast this black tile floor with a white double vanity; choose gold-framed circular mirrors and luxury gold-polished faucets.

For the walls, you can either go with faux marble or black subway tiles with white grout.

2. Add Interest With Black And White Patterns

black and white bathrooms

One way to liven up your bathroom is to use black and white octagon tiles for the floor; this nails a lot of style to-do’s in one go. First, you have a multi-colored, organized pattern on your bathroom floor that makes this whole setting look very classy and premium – one we would expect in top hotels.

Second, you can design the rest of your bathroom in three ways when you have this floor. Either choose to incorporate the color black for an accent wall, or for the vanity counter or accessories in your bathroom. For white you can choose to install a white bathtub, a toilet, and a white vanity cabinet.

For the hexagonal design itself, you can either use it in niches or as a border for your mirror.

3. Luxurious Black Onyx Floor With Backlit Honeycomb Shiplap

black and white bathrooms

This high-end dark bathroom is the perfect choice for larger bathrooms; it combines a very premium black onyx marble with sinks and a bathtub made of the same material. 

The bathtub is backed by a backlit gold honeycomb shiplap which gives a massive upgrade to the already luxurious black floor. The backlit circular mirror on the other wall gives a futuristic look to the whole bathroom design; it is further accentuated with the honeycomb on the wall.

To finish off this premium black bathroom, place some potted plants by the bathtub, but make sure to get custom-made pots to match the overall look of this bathroom.

4. Black And Pink

black and white bathrooms

A black marble floor can be accentuated by a lot of colors and shades; a great choice in this regard would be either a regular pink or rose pink (a darker shade).

You can either choose to add pink in ‘pops’, for the curtain, small vanity mirror, and faucets. Or you can choose to paint your walls pink; same for the bathtub toilet and sink. You can also choose to go for an unconventional sink and if so choose a pink, wall mount sink to make it the statement piece in your bathroom.

You can enhance this look further by running a black ‘center border’ through walls so the pink is not overwhelming. To soften this aesthetic, hang a small flower-based art piece on a wall. 

5. Chessboard Pattern With Ceramic Tiles

black and white bathrooms

This design opts to use a smaller version of the checkerboard pattern; this makes the design more immersive. With black tile floors, you obviously don’t ‘just’ have to use black but you can accentuate it with various different options.

Another way to plan this floor is by using a black-and-yellow combination rather than a regular black-and-white one. The former combo will give more ‘emotion’ to this space (since yellow is a ‘cheerful’ color). 

Once done with the floor, incorporate the black and yellow theme at other places in the bathroom. You can make the walls an extension of the chessboard floor or choose to have a yellow accent wall or paint the bathroom door yellow.

black and white bathrooms

Have a yellow backlight for the mirror, choose a black countertop and go with yellow for the towels

6. Gingham Pattern

black and white bathrooms

The usual black-and-white pattern choice is either the larger checkerboard or some other variation of the checkerboard. The Gingham style takes everything to a much smaller level, using white as the base color than incorporating a horizontal and vertical stripe pattern.

This type of floor has a ‘shimmering’ effect to it, as the minute white squares seem to twinkle from between the black stripes above.

Compliment this floor by adding a white tub to your bathroom using either white ceramic tiles for the shiplap or by choosing a black subway tile design. You can also choose black wall tiles instead of white.

Choose a white vanity with a black countertop, and choose charcoal gray shower walls to add much needed contrast to this black and white bathroom.

7. Create Contrast With Neutrals

black and white bathrooms

If black fixtures aren’t quite what you’re looking for, try pairing decorative black and white porcelain tiles with white bathroom fixtures instead. White bathtubs and sinks look especially chic when paired with decorative tiles.

Install a white subway tile shiplap and wood countertops, and opt for a white table-top sink for this bathroom.

8. Herringbone Pattern Floor

black and white bathrooms

When you’re thinking about how to decorate black tile bathroom floors, black and white is an obvious choice. But why not try adding some gray for contrast? 

Gray is neutral so it works well in any bathroom design scheme, but many people find that black-and-gray bathrooms are the best of both worlds by providing black’s drama with gray’s classic charm.

The herringbone is a favorite of homeowners, and choosing a gray herringbone pattern makes for a very cool and sophisticated bathroom floor. But you don’t need to use just gray for this floor. Instead, incorporate black here by either using it in borders or using it for a raised platform for the bathtub.

9. Black Hardwood Floor And A Persian Rug

black and white bathrooms

Dark wood floors are common in homes, and this aesthetic can be complemented in several ways. If you choose a stained black wood floor for your bathroom, bring in a cream Persian rug to offset the bold floor shade.

Choose black Venetian plaster for the walls to give the walls a slight grayish tint; install a black vanity (with golden drawer handles) to match with the floor.

Introduce potted plants to the space to make sure this all-black bathroom does not become too imposing. 

The last thing that you should take care of with an all-black bathroom is to make sure there is lots of natural light available here, or you’ll find this space to be a bit foreboding (rather than sleek) during the daytime.

Install a chandelier or well-placed lightning fixtures to ensure adequate light here during the nighttime.

10. Layer Black Tiles With Other Colors

black and white bathrooms

Instead of choosing between black and white tiles for your bathroom floor, why not try both? Layering black tiles with white squares or rectangles provides you with the contrast you want while adding more interest than simply using black or white alone.  If you’re feeling adventurous, try layering black hexagon tiles next to black diamond shapes too!

To complement this black and white tile mix, choose a third color to give your bathroom welcome variety; opt for seaweed green or Aegean blue for the walls. This will make sure that the floor design pops out even more because of the contrast. Since the wall shades are more earthy, you should choose to go with a wood vanity for this bathroom; you can use wood in other places as well: as a frame for your mirror, as a countertop, or as a platform for your bathtub.

Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

There are a lot of options you can use to go with black tile bathroom floors: from white subway tiles to a gray tile option, from glass front cabinets to white shaker cabinets, from black grout with black tiles (makes for a trendy addition) to a white grout with black tiles (enhances the black tile appeal ten times over). 

Black tiles make for chic modern bathrooms; we hope these 10 ideas for black bathroom floors will inspire you in your journey to decide on your own, perfect black tile bathroom.

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