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7 Brilliant Ideas for Adding Art to Your Living Room Walls By Local Tampa Artists

art from local tampa artists

Have you always wanted to make your Tampa home and living room feel straight out of an art gallery?

Well, maybe not so much, but you surely would’ve wanted to add some striking art pieces to your walls that will increase your living room appeal many times over – so when the guests are over, they have no option but to admire the elegance of your home.

What are your options to make your living room a constant talking point for guests?

Well, art galleries – whether you are into fine art or modern art – you will readily find a piece that you’ll fall in love with. Another option is to visit one of the local decor shops – they have art pieces from various artists at all budgets.

A painting by a local artist also reflects the style of the area they are from – so from here, you may find illustrations that show Florida (and its surroundings) in all of its sunny glory.

Here are seven brilliant ideas for adding art to your living room walls by local Tampa artists – available at local Tampa stores. There’s something for everyone in this roundup: from paintings and prints to mixed media and installations.

The Great Frame Up

art from local tampa artists

The Great Frame Up is a place you’ll quickly fall in love with; their art selection is extensive. From rich tapestries to paintings, prints, and posters to sculptural pieces and other wall decor, you’ll never run out of choice here.

Looking to get a near-perfect replica of an expensive artwork you saw at a gallery? The Great Frame Up probably has something similar. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for from their huge selection of local art, you can get something custom-made.

Unsure of what you should get for your unique bedroom or living room? Let the assistants at the shop know; they will guide you (or work together with your interior designer) to pick the perfect piece of art for your room.

Oh Whatever Furniture And Home Decor

art from local tampa artists

Is mid-century decor your thing? Then this store is specifically for you: it is a two-building establishment with a wide variety of selections.

From works by well-known artists to black and gold mid-century glass lamps or stunning George Briard 22K gold glass dish, Oh Whatever’s selection is second to none. 

Have a general direction for how you want to decorate your mid-century-inspired living room, but looking for specific ideas?

Start like this: If you’re planning a complete redo (floor included), then go with terracotta or a black-and-white vinyl floor. Both were classics in decades past, and they’ll be the perfect base for your living space. 

Add a premium McKinley leather sofa (from Sarasota Chic) or go with high-quality materials for your sofa in general. Select cream-colored throw pillows for contrast with the terracotta floor (or something similar).

For the walls, hang two large works of art (from Oh Whatever) that represent luxury and originality.

For the black and white vinyl floor, match with simple black-and-white artwork, a black sculptural vase, or an interesting lamp in the same color theme.

Old Pottery Barn (Extensive Decor Collection)

art from local tampa artists

They have been called the ‘Walmart’ of all things decor: the store itself is huge, and you will find countless varieties of ANY specific decor item you choose. 

Need a vase? They have more than a hundred to choose from. Rugs, pillows, or just holiday decorations? You’ll probably spend a good few hours just browsing – don’t come here thinking you’ll quickly hop in, choose one thing, and leave. 

Old Pottery Barn’s selection of art is fabulouos as well, although they stock more generic pieces than having a full selection of well-known artists in the store. If you need anything simple and workable, you’ll be right at home here. 

Rare Hues (Vintage Art & Decor)

art from local tampa artists

Vintage art at its finest: Rare Hues is your place to go if you’re in love with all things vintage. Their art collection is extensive, and they also stock a variety of decor pieces other than wall-art.

From expansive and elaborate wall paintings to simple, written art, from gold-polished vases to decorative dishes, Rare Hues is a decor shop you’ll truly enjoy.

The store itself is very artfully decorated, from the soft lighting to dedicated decorative spaces; intricate wood lamps, decorative plants, picture frames, and even a few works consisting of Roald Dahl quotations.

Val’s Home Decor

art from local tampa artists

Perfect for homeowners looking to get more modern art pieces, Val’s Home Decor prides itself on being a budget decor store. They stock several art paintings and sculptural works.

You’ll also get a great selection of geometric art and other decorative pieces including sculptures, vases, decorative brass dishware, unique mirrors and lamps, and decorative flowers.

Treehouse Gallery

art from local tampa artists

There are many ways you can decorate your rooms and add art from the Treehouse Gallery.

Is your room decor more rustic than modern? Go with some nature-inspired or vintage artwork that has splashes of earthy tones: a painting of a barn, the countryside, or simply a city scene from the 50s.

Have a farmhouse-style living room? Go with paintings that depict rolling fields, a country house, or more specific elements like floor cushions by the fireplace.

For your room decor: choose a center table made from reclaimed wood and the same for the cabinets. Install a brick accent wall or a brick floor in your living room and make it cozy with comfortable sofa chairs, a brown rug, and, if you really want to complete the farmhouse style, a fireplace.

Great Art & Frame

art from local tampa artists

Another one of the art-focused decor stores, Great Art & Frame boasts countless original art pieces, and you can even get custom-made art.

The owner, Joose Hadley says that the store is a “visual feast of all things and art and framing”, and she’s quite right. If you’re not keen to do extensive browsing at just any decor store, the Great Art & Frame store will make sure you find what you desire quickly – and if you don’t, they are happy to make custom art for your particular taste and to your specifications.

Adding Art to Your Living Room Walls By Local Tampa Artists

Whether you live in the Tampa Bay area or nearby, these seven local stores have a range of brilliant decor and art options. When you opt for local artists, you are investing in individual works made with the heart and soul of Florida.

If you think your living room walls are bland and lifeless, adding some artwork will give them much-needed ‘liveliness.’

We’re very certain that you will love all seven of these decor stores in the Tampa area, and if you wish to get started with redecorating your living room – or simply purchasing a few art pieces – simply visit any of these businesses or check out their websites. Search and you’ll find your desired art piece and – get decorating!


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