Do you want to update your living room with a burnt orange sofa? All the sofa options discussed in this article will make a huge impact, regardless of your budget.

Burnt orange sofa living room ideas

Burnt orange is a popular sofa color right now. In fashion and home decor, the ’70s are making a comeback. Orange is the new blue, especially in Bohonavian and Mid Century Modern styles.

We couldn’t be more excited about the bright hue returning to our homes and hearts.

You don’t have to live in a Halloween version of “Groundhog Day” by having a burnt orange sofa in your living room. You will be able to easily swap your living room into any existing color scheme if you choose a subdued version of the color, such as something with tan undertones or a coppery, rust tone.

Need something more convincing? Here are the 9 best ideas for burnt orange sofas for your living room.

1) Burnt Orange Velvet Sofa

An orange living room velvet sofa is an incredibly stylish option for your home. The burnt orange color pairs perfectly with a black frame, which will nicely accent the overall look of your living room.

You can use an orange couch to create a focal point in a small space. An orange sofa is the perfect comfortable space for reading a book or taking a nap.

A smaller investment will make a big impact in your modern living room with a burnt orange sofa!

2) Orange Leater Sofa

You’ll love this sofa if you’re leather chic! Designed similarly to Wayfair’s styles but in leather. Ideal for entertaining or for homes with small children.

Generally, leather sofas are easier to clean and become more beautiful with age. 

Your modern living room will be elevated by an orange leather sofa’s mid-century modern style and streamlined silhouette.

Leather sofas will never go out of style. They are best suited to modern, contemporary, and industrial styles of interior design. You can create a modern interior by choosing a large leather sofa in burnt orange color with black steel legs. Sofas and armchairs upholstered in leather are easy to maintain and offer comfort and a soft touch.

3) Boho-Chic Vintage Look

If you are looking for a chic living room sofa, then an orange sofa is the perfect match.

Consider a jute rug, a velvet sofa with a red-orange hue, vintage cushions, and rustic accents. Red throw pillows, coffee table boxes, and floor cushions should all contain an eclectic mix of patterns. They all complement the orange shades of the sofa due to their similar intensity and rusty color.

4) Queen Sleeper with Air Mattress

If you are looking for extra utility for a sleeper sofa that matches your eclectic living room, then a Queen sleeper will be the perfect pick!

A stylish sleeper sofa with a bi-fold innerspring mattress with air cushions encased in a modern silhouette is the right choice for you. While reading or watching your favorite Netflix shows, a locking tilt-up headrest allows you to relax comfortably.

5) Two-Cushion Orange Shades Sofa

If you are looking for a burnt orange sofa for your minimalist living room, then a two-cushion sofa is a great choice.

The look is completed with white fur pillows! After a long day at work, you can sink into the orange sofa, which is soft and comfortable.

Look for one that has removable cushions for the seats and back. There are also styles that have removable legs, so the sofa can be tucked away in smaller spaces. This sofa can blend well with any orange accents in the living space.

6) Rust Curved Sofa

If you want to elevate your living space, then you might choose a rust curved orange sofa in your living room.

Look for one upholstered in rich velvet with a stunning dimensional sheen.

A retro aesthetic curved couch is a great choice if you are looking to make a statement!

7) Orange Sectional Couch

An orange sectional sofa is perfect if you are planning to buy a statement piece. Another excellent option is a minimalist design, a three-piece silhouette, and a low-profile, comfy seat.

Cushions can be removed and flipped, which is always a plus.

Having a floor lamp beside this orange couch will elevate the look of your modern living room.

8) Burnt Orange Quilted Sofa

If you are looking for an orange-colored sofa for your contemporary living room, then we suggest you pick the burnt orange quilted sofa.

It is the perfect sofa for entertaining and relaxing in your glamorous home. Wide arms offer additional seating or a place to rest a cocktail. This sofa is perfectly suitable for any living room design.

9) Classic Fiber Sofa

Whether it is for a living room or bedroom, the orange couch is a statement piece. 

Having potted plants placed near this orange sofa can give your living room a retro aesthetic look.

You don’t have to worry about accidents with the featured velvet sofa since the upholstery is made from easy to clean rust performance velvet.


That’s it! The options for burnt orange sofas are endless. You can get ideas and inspiration from these orange sofas for your interior design.

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