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January 14, 2022

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10 Ideas For An Emerald Green Sofa For Your Living Room

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Emerald Green Sofa

The living room is often referred to as the most important ‘day room’ in the house. All of a family’s day activities usually take place in this room. Want to watch the next NBA Basketball game?. Do you want to have some friends over for the game and want to enjoy some snacks while watching it? Then turn on your TV and take your places on the couch.

The living room is essentially the ‘center of the house’ and its most important piece of furniture is the couch or sofa.

Some prefer leather sofas, others prefer tufted velvet sofas. They come in all size variations and color shades – but one stands out from all the rest: The Emerald Green Sofa

This sofa is elegant yet striking; subdued yet royal. It quickly livens up your living room and makes a great addition to your ‘day room’.

Let’s look at 10 ideas for the perfect Emerald Green Sofa for your living room.

1. Emerald Green Sofa with A Gold Glass Top Coffee Table and White Rug

Emerald Green Sofa

Mix up the style by adding other colors to your living room to enhance the Emerald Green sofa – maybe set a glass table with gold legs to make the overall look ‘pop’. If you really want to make the living room even more ‘homey’ and comfortable, add a soft white rug. This contrast will make the sofa even more prominent in your living room. Be sure to finish up with white or soft-colored cushions for the sofa.

2. Sherbet Green Sofa And Dark Grey Walls

Emerald Green Sofa

Go Retro with this setting: A green mid-sized couch and dark grey walls (coupled with a few 80’s-inspired frames!) and a Fuschia floor. This combination will make your living look more elegant and sober. Add a wooden table with a black metal frame and white to make the contrast even more striking. This simple setting is perfect for smaller settings.

3. Go All Green

Emerald Green Sofa

Be inspired with nature and go all green – sofa with gold legs and matching walls -this combination goes well with larger spaces. Complement the look
with black, round tables (with golden borders) to make for the perfect contrast. Be sure to finish it off with gold-and-black cushions … and the most important part: make sure to include an indoor leafy plant (or white open rugs) to make this ‘dark’ setting more lively.

4. Cozy and Comfortable

Emerald Green Sofa

Make up your living to be the place of ultimate comfort – both physically and psychologically. Lighter shades are known to have a calmer effect on people and if you do this setting right, it will become your favorite place to have a sit-down – for years to come.

Let the walls be a very light shade of tea-green, and to keep the living room look minimal, add one or two, small wooden tables. For the rug – keep it simple again and go with a white cotton rug with black and gray patterns. Finish up with a couple of indoor plants if you wish.

5. Extend Your Sitting Area With A Curved Sofa

Emerald Green Sofa

Ideal for larger living rooms, this rich emerald sofa will make for the perfect place for game night and will even look in place when you want to create a more ‘luxurious’ feel to your living space. Make sure to add a rich carpet to enhance the look even more. To finalize this setting: Add two small, white tables to either side.

6. Reversible Sectional Sofa 

Emerald Green Sofa

Perfect for a larger family, this sofa will be the ideal lounging place for families looking to watch their favorite Netflix special, all together. Having an emerald upholstery color made of velvet, don’t forget to pair these sofas up with matching cushions (and you can add some open rugs). The lounger automatically increases your seating (so you don’t need two green sofas) and will be ideal for two kids, when mum and dad take the remaining seats. 

7. Create A Simple, Minimal Sitting Area

Emerald Green Sofa

If you’re not up for super cramped living spaces and want to keep it simple – both space and look-wise – go for a regular tufted couch with regular arms. These couches are more at a place in (intended) simpler settings and a 3-seater like this will be perfect. Throw in a couple of pillows to make it more comfortable. 

Add a cotton rug to enhance the look and keep a ‘support’ plant to keep things lively. This setting is essentially dressed down to keep it simple while serving the purpose of a proper living area with style.

8. Green Clear Couch With a Footrest

Emerald Green Sofa

Choose a more natural moss upholstery color with this moss sofa. Take a seat here and rest your feet up on the footrest. You can have pillows that go with it or choose to go with contrast – maroon, white, black will all go well with this color. Or take inspiration and set this up as a ‘reading area’. Add a standing lamp, and complete the style with a rich, long rug that matches the footrest.

Add a couple of single-seaters (account for space!) and these sofas will serve as the perfect pastime with books for your family. If you want to make a commitment to reading, this setting is the way to go. 

9. Rolled Arms Emerald Sofa With Pink Rug

Emerald Green Sofa

The right furniture goes great with green sofas and you must know what exactly works. Take this music enthusiast’s guitar room for example. A rolled arms emerald sofa is always great, but this pink peacock rug takes its beauty to a whole other level. Search deals and add the perfect pink rug to your sofa.

10. Keep It Modern and Minimal

Emerald Green Sofa

So you have a sofa set, now for the walls. To ensure you keep it stylish and modern (and minimal) make walls two-colored. One dark green, one white. This will match your sofa’s upholstery color and (shopping and) adding white cushions will make sure you have the perfect, completed look. 

Two-seat couches like these are perfect for small families. Search and shop for a couple of minimal lamps and plants to make room ‘fuller’; also shop and keep a simple beige rug to enhance the overall look. 

Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

With a lot of options for sofas (from moss green sofas to emerald), and families looking to have the ideal features in their furniture while looking to shop the best deals, some looking to save area by adding smaller couches to their living areas … it’s all the matter of searching and comparing price/deals before you decide on your perfect sofa.

If you go shopping for your ideal piece of furniture, then it is best to have more filters in your search criteria than just looking for any green sofa. Look at the existing settings of your living area, space issues, and if you’d need to get any walls repainted or curtains changed to get the perfect final look.

If you think shipping from outside your own country will be a good idea (maybe you’re going for expensive and stylish Italian sofas) sign up on a foreign sofa maker’s page or website and inquire about regular shipping charges. Make sure you account for shipping-related costs in your state.


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