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Gray Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Gray bathroom flooring is one of the most popular design trends in bathrooms right now. It can be used as a way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your space, or to create a more modern and minimalist look. There are many different ways you can use gray flooring in your bathroom – check out some of our favorite design ideas here!

1. Stone Gray Tile Floor And Oak Wood Vanity

gray bathroom floors

Stone gray is a luxurious and elegant color that can add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. It pairs well with wood furniture and accents, making it the perfect choice for a rustic or traditional style bathroom.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, try pairing stone gray tile with a white vanity. This combination will create a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for a contemporary bathroom.

Install a freestanding, white tub on a raised wood platform; this gives your bathroom clearer ‘sections’ (for the sink area, for the bathtub area, and for the toilet area). To finish the look off, install a couple of hanging plants on each side of the vanity mirror.

2. Gray Tile Spa-Inspired Bathroom

gray bathroom floors

In this bathroom, the gray tile is used to create a spa-inspired atmosphere. The brown, 3D wall design adds a touch of warmth and contrast, while the bamboo mats keep the space feeling bright and airy. This is a perfect choice for a master bathroom – for anyone who wants to create a relaxing and tranquil bathroom retreat. 

Be sure to introduce some leafy plants to enhance the fresh and relaxing vibe of this place.

3. Charcoal Gray Floor And Wall Tiles And Honey Wood Vanity With Vessel Sink

gray bathroom floors

If you’re into a more zen aesthetic then this bathroom setting will quickly become your favorite: A charcoal gray tile floor with an expansive, real honey-wood vanity and a very spa-like vessel sink. 

This whole setting looks very minimal and very relaxing at the same time; the only addition you might need to make here is to introduce a few, small potted plants. Don’t choose anything too leafy or too big, you don’t want to take away from the original aesthetic of this space.

Another good option could be white, decorative candles placed on a glass shelf, affixed to a wall.

4. Gray Herringbone Floor With Marble Wall

gray bathroom floors

A herringbone pattern is perhaps one of the modern home’s most beloved design choices. A charcoal gray (herringbone) floor is best accentuated by a dark wood vanity and either a faux marble wall or a herringbone patterned backsplash as well. 

If you have a bathroom alcove, paint it yellow or orange to contrast nicely with the gray floor; if you do so, you will also need to bring pops of yellow or orange to other places in the bathroom. 

You can choose to go with all-white (alcove and walls) and choose a gray vanity to make for a more sleek aesthetic. Keep the lightning organized and minimal (i.e non-ornate fixtures).

5. Dark Gray And Pink Bathroom

gray bathroom floors

Pale pink is a natural complement to a gray tile bathroom; opt for gray cabinets, and a pink countertop in this bathroom; to match the countertop, use a pink border for the mirror(s).

How do you make this combination ‘pop’ more?  Choose a white bathtub, white sinks, and white accessories (towels, custom shampoo, and soap dispensers).

6. Wood Strip And Vanity

gray bathroom floors

Separate emphasis for the shower/bathtub area is a recent trend in the interior design space, but it is one that is surely here to stay. This example uses a wood option to cover the bathtub area and make it distinct from the rest of the gray bathroom.

To properly accentuate the wood floor, a wooden strip is installed into the gray wall; this keeps the bathroom design uniform. 

A good addition here would be artwork on the gray shiplap; use minimal artwork to match with the overall bathroom aesthetic.

7. Stone Gray And Wood Vanity With Vessel Sink

gray bathroom floors

Another stone gray option, but this one uses a boxier design for both the vanity and the bathroom tiles. Every design element is kept to a minimum, from the light wood vanity and vessel sink to the non-frosted cubicle glass. 

The backlit full-length mirror bestows a whole new emphasis on the vanity area of this rather basic setting; you can spruce it up by introducing a colorful, plush rug – white would tie in rather nicely with the setting, but a plush, maroon option will give a “pop’ of color to this bathroom.

8. Dark Wood Vanity And Gray Striped Decor Wall

gray bathroom floors

Some bathrooms have a unique mirror as a focal point, some have a chandelier and some have accent walls.

This bathroom has a gray striped decor wall that easily becomes the center of attention. Install a dark wood vanity to contrast with the beige walls and choose white sinks. To complement the dark wood, place a brown rug (or contour rug) by the toilet.

A medium-sized chandelier will also look right in place here; it will give another unique dimension to this space and tie up the aesthetic of this bathroom nicely; if not a chandelier, then go for lantern-inspired, warm pendant lights near the mirror.

9. Wood Shower Walls (For Small Bathrooms)

gray bathroom floors

This setting is ideal for smaller bathrooms; pair the gray floor tiles with wooden shiplap (to make this setting cozy) and half-tiled white walls. You can also choose to go with ceramic tiles for the half-tiled wall.

Install a small, circular mirror and make sure to use warm lighting. To present a more organized style, place a small black mat near the sink.

10. Go Bold With Orange

If you really want to make your bathroom one of a kind, go with orange walls with gray tiles; orange, black and white are great gray complements. Add gray or black motifs on the walls to give more punch to this bathroom.

Using a multi-colored (orange and gray) large format tile could be another option, and if so, make sure to complement it with more ‘edgy’ fixtures – toilet, sink, and cabinets – match with the style of the floor tiles.

Gray Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Are you excited to add a touch of gray to your bathroom? These floor design ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for how to use this versatile color in your next renovation project. From sleek and modern to traditional and cozy, there’s a style for everyone who wants to try out the gray bathroom trend.


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