In a world where we are more connected than ever, it’s not surprising that homeowners want to create a space in their home that offers the feeling of being away from it all. And thanks to a growing interest in rustic design and farmhouse chic style, creating the perfect country-chic bathroom has never been easier! 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your bathroom feel like an escape from modern life, take a look at these 10 great ideas for farmhouse bathrooms. They’ll have you dreaming about laying out by the pool or taking long walks through nature before you know it!

1. Use Reclaimed Wood

farmhouse bathroom floors

Adding reclaimed wood, whether it’s in the form of a shiplap behind a tub and toilet area or planks lining the floors, is a great way to add to your farmhouse style. It helps create that rustic look that also brings to mind luxury and comfort when done right. One great way to use reclaimed wood in your bathroom is by lining the floor with it! This allows for a feeling of nature and comfort while also creating an interesting look for this usually-forgotten room.

2. Classic Black And White Checkerboard Floor

farmhouse bathroom floors

Is there anything more ‘farmhouse’, than the timeless checkerboard floor? This type of floor can be achieved in a lot of ways, either with vinyl, linoleum, or laminate. Some homeowners even use black and white marble slabs to achieve this aesthetic.

You can complement this design by choosing a black accent wall for your bathroom, then hang some plants on that wall to ‘soften’ the bold shade. You can also hang a gold-framed piece of artwork on the accent wall – incidentally black and gold are ‘natural’ complements.

3. Use Natural Materials Like Stone, Brick, Or Tile

farmhouse bathroom floors

One of the most important aspects of farmhouse style is that rustic feeling that comes from natural products. For this reason, it’s not surprising that many homeowners are trading in their usual tiles and porcelain for natural stone tile, brick, or even wood when they want to create a farmhouse feel in their bathroom. 

These types of materials help give the room a more laid-back look while also standing up well to daily use.

4. Wood Floors: The Farmhouse style staple

farmhouse bathroom floors

Wooden floors may be the most loved farmhouse aesthetic that has seen continued use in homes for decades. 

A simple way to complement this type of farmhouse flooring is to keep everything else neutral-toned; the vanity, the toilet, and the walls should be kept to lighter shades/colors (white, beige, cream) to tie in with the wooden floor in a meaningful way.

Usually, when homeowners choose wooden floors for their bathrooms, they already have a ‘theme’ in mind; and more often than not, this theme is farmhouse that is light and relaxing. 

If you really must add contrast to this setting, then you can opt for black or brown bath mats.

5. Install A Clawfoot Tub

farmhouse bathroom floors

One great way to make any farmhouse bathroom feel like a luxury retreat is to install a clawfoot tub. This type of bathtub is popular among those who want to bring back luxury without having to resort to standard options like marble or granite design. And because it’s so unique, you’ll always have guests complimenting how truly great this choice is!

6. Mosaic Tiles For Your Small Bathroom 

farmhouse bathroom floors

Using full-fledged marble or stone options might not be such an ‘appealing’ option for smaller bathrooms; marble, especially, looks better in larger spaces because of the ‘flow’ it creates (in larger rooms).

Mosaic tiles are one of the best bets for smaller bathrooms, and you can use mosaics in virtually unlimited ways.

If you want to make your bathroom trendy, then use colored mosaic tiles: blue, green, yellow, or even better, use multi-colored mosaics in your bathroom to make the floor design pop.

farmhouse bathroom floors

If you want to keep this more ‘sophisticated’, we suggest using a diamond pattern with a sky blue, black and white color combination.

Your next step would be to simply choose a color (or two) from your tile floor and use it in accessories in your bathroom.

7. Laminate Floors Are Another Great Choice

farmhouse bathroom floors

With all that natural wood and stone around, it’s important to choose the right farmhouse bathroom floor material. And while many homeowners opt for luxury wood or vinyl floors, we love the idea of using something like laminate instead.

Specifically for homeowners who don’t want to use wood flooring in the bathroom (because of greater maintenance), then a laminate option is the best alternative.

How about a gray laminate floor for your bathroom? Gray laminate floors are one of the recent trends in interior design and they make a room cool and contemporary plus they look really chic! 

We suggest making a herringbone pattern floor with your gray laminate tiles (it comes in wood, stone, and tile variants). To take this aesthetic to the walls, install a gray herringbone accent wall. Use black accessories/fixtures for this bathroom (towels, faucets, showerheads).

We suggest using white lightning (instead of warm) to give this bathroom a sharp and organized style.

8. Add Plants To The Space

farmhouse bathroom floors

So you have the perfect farmhouse bathroom floor tile idea, but you’re looking to add a natural element to the space.

Why not bring in some proper potted plants to connect your space with nature. Small potted plants are good, but some larger options also feel right at home if used correctly. 

Plants make your farmhouse-style bathroom look like a true retreat and they add much needed ‘natural life’ to a man-made space.

9. Display Vintage Items Or Artwork

farmhouse bathroom floors

When you want your farmhouse bathroom to feel like a true escape, don’t forget to bring in those vintage items and heirlooms. This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but it’s the little touches that can make a big difference! You’ll instantly feel better about yourself when you’re surrounded by beautiful things that used to belong to people who lived out lives of adventure and meaning.

10. Use Soft Colors And Fabrics Throughout The Space

farmhouse bathroom floors

If you’re going for a rustic-chic look with plenty of natural materials, you need to make sure that the room feels too stiff or hard. The best way to do this is by using lots of different fabrics throughout the room – think rugs, towels, curtains, etc. And of course, the colors you choose here will help determine just how rustic your bathroom ends up feeling – so be sure to keep it soft and warm!

If you’re looking for a way to really make your farmhouse bathroom feel like a retreat, consider using a rustic paint color for the walls. This could be anything from a warm brown to deep green, and it will instantly help to set the tone for the space.

Farmhouse Bathroom Flooring Ideas

One great thing about a farmhouse style is that it’s really not a style at all. Instead (when choosing bathroom floor materials) it’s a way for homeowners to bring nature indoors without going overboard with complicated patterns or expensive art pieces. This also makes it perfect for those who aren’t looking to splurge an arm and a leg on their bathrooms but still want something that feels luxurious and unique. By bringing in some natural elements instead of copying someone else’s aesthetic, you can create both comfort and luxury all on your own!

The farmhouse bathroom trend is one that seems to be sticking around for a while, and we can see why! A rustic, cozy bathroom with a wooden floor is the perfect way to relax after a long day. 

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