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It’s no secret that the design trends for Tampa homes are constantly changing. What was popular a few years ago might now be considered outdated, and what’s popular now is likely to change in a few short years.

With us being someway into 2022, let’s look at some of the design trends that will define this year.

Green Is Making A Comeback

tampa area interior designers

Green is making a comeback in a big way. With people spending more and more time indoors (in the past few years), turning their homes into an extension “of the outdoors” became a big trend this year.

The color green was at the center of this design trend; homeowners introduced everything from lime green sofas and chairs to green bedding and even softer shades of green for their living room walls. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, four major paint houses (Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Behr) went with green as their color choice for 2022.

Decorate With This Trend

Bedroom: Choose bedding with floral prints, hang some nature-inspired artwork, and the most obvious choice: add some potted plants to the room.

Living Room: Bring in an emerald green sofa for a striking addition to your living room, and you can add in a cream and green rug to make for an appealing contrast.

Where To Find This Trend

You’ll readily find green furniture and green design ideas from a lot of decorators and designers, the choice for a particular designer (or decorator) will depend on what style you’re going for.

Want an upscale interior? Go with Cruz Interiors Inc

Cristina Cruz is one of the most revered Tampa interior designers on Houzz. She’s big on using natural materials to create eco-friendly spaces – making your dream kitchen or bedroom or even renovating the entire house.

Maybe a more modern style will do? Choose Debra Ackerbloom Interiors. With her interior design services, she offers everything from window treatments to bathroom renovations and is an expert at creating spaces that are both modern and comfortable.

Light Floors And White Walls

tampa area interior designers

Light wood floors and white walls are popular interior design trends that are expected to continue. They create a bright, airy feel in a room and can be used in any style of home. Some people may worry that these colors are too bland or generic, but they can be used to create a sophisticated or casual look, depending on the other furnishings and accessories in the room.

Decorate With This Trend

When decorating a living space with light wood floors and white walls, choosing the right furniture and accessories is important. For example, consider selecting a light-colored sofa or chair to help brighten up the space.

You may also want to add some plants or flowers to the room to create a natural feel. Additionally, consider using mirrors to help reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Where To Find This Trend

Lisa from Paris Flea is an absolute master when it comes to residential and commercial design. Her projects showcase light colors in abundance and she has the eye to contrast any light shades perfectly.

From creamy hues mixed with dark wood, to pale pink accentuated with sea green, she is one Tampa interior designer you’ll come back to again and again.

Multifunctional Spaces And Smart Furniture

tampa area interior designers

As interior design trends go, the preference for multifunctional spaces and smart furniture is only going to grow in 2022. This is because both of these elements offer a high degree of flexibility and versatility, which is precisely what people are looking for in today’s fast-paced world. 

Not only can multifunctional spaces be used for a variety of purposes, but they can also be adapted to changing needs and requirements very easily.

Similarly, smart furniture can be reconfigured to suit different scenarios, making it the perfect choice for busy families or people who like to change their minds often. In short, if you’re looking for a versatile and flexible interior design solution, then multifunctional spaces and smart furniture are the way to go.

Decorate With This Trend

One way to decorate your home with multifunctional spaces and smart furniture would be to use a room divider to create a functional space. You could also use a sofa that converts into a bed or an armchair that turns into a table.

You could also use smart appliances that can be controlled with your voice or a mobile app. You could also use rugs and furniture with built-in storage to store extra belongings. Finally, you could use LED lights to create interesting lighting effects.

Where To Find This Trend

You’ll readily find this trend with any designer who makes custom furniture. Another good place would be to check out interior decorators and decor shops to get exactly what you’re looking for.

For designers, reach out to Campagna Homes for customized luxury home renovations. Another great choice would be Honors Interiors LLC.

Some fantastic Tampa decor stores to consider for smart furniture:

Zen Is The New ‘Minimalism’

tampa area interior designers

Zen design is a minimalist style that focuses on simplicity and functionality. It’s often used in interior design, but can be applied to other areas of life as well. Here are six benefits of using Zen design:

Where To Find This Trend

Reach out to Nicki from Juxtaposed Designs to create your perfect Zen space.

Decor Store

Val’s Home Decor is a spectacular home decor shop for all things zen. From silk flowers and trees to tabletop fountains to candles and stacking stones, you can renovate your room with your favorite zen furniture and accessories.

Home Offices

tampa area interior designers

The number of people choosing to work from home is increasing every year. In 2022, more than half of all Americans will be working remotely on a daily basis. The reasons for this are diverse: increased flexibility, better work-life balance, and the ability to focus without distractions.

But it’s not just about the personal benefits anymore – there are plenty of advantages for businesses too. Productivity levels are often higher amongst home workers and office costs can be saved.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of making the switch to working from home. The most important thing is to have a dedicated space to work without distractions. It might be a spare room, a corner of the living room, or even your garden. Make sure it’s somewhere you feel comfortable working in and has all the equipment you need.

Where To Find This Trend

Designers for Home Offices: Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors (Andrea Lauren)

Decor Stores: More Space Please and  Business Interiors of Tampa, Inc 

Eco-Friendly Interior Design And The Use Of Organic Materials

tampa area interior designers

One way to simplify your design process is by incorporating eco-friendly materials into your space, which will help you stay on track with your sustainability goals and create an aesthetic that is both beautiful and earth-conscious.

There are many different ways to go about this, but some of the most popular techniques include using recycled or reclaimed materials, using natural fibers and finishes, and utilizing green building techniques.

One advantage to eco-friendly design is that it can be tailored to fit any space, whether you’re working with a small apartment or a sprawling country estate. 

Decorate With This Trend

There are many ways to use eco-friendly and organic materials in your interior design. You can use natural fibers for up to 60% of your upholstery, and choose organic cotton, wool, and jute rugs. You can also use bamboo, cork, or linoleum flooring.

You can use low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) paint and install energy-efficient lighting. You can also use recycled glass countertops and recycled metal fixtures.

Where To Find This Trend

Local Interior Designers: Cruz Interiors, LLC and Grayson Interiors, LLC

Decor Store: Pottery Barn

Top Design Trends For Tampa Homes

Whether you’re looking to engage a full-service interior design firm or make your desired purchases at one of the many decor shops in Tampa, this article should give you the perfect start to begin your home renovation in 2022.

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