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Venetian Plaster Colors—The 15th Century Technique Is A Hot Interior Design Trend in 2022 and Beyond

Venetian Plaster colors

Venetian plaster is a beautiful, unique type of wall finish that can give your home a luxurious feel. It’s actually a combination of paint and ground marble or limestone that is applied to the wall surface. The end result is smooth like silk with some depth and texture.

In fact, homebuilder Toll Brothers is making use of this old world look (it was used in ancient Greece!) in their latest line of luxury homes. Whether you want it for interior walls, ceilings or trim, even exterior stucco, there’s a recipe for what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use Venetian plaster in your home decor, read on for some inspiration. We’ll show you how to create an elegant accent wall, add texture to your walls, and more.

How To Use Venetian Colors In Your Bedroom

Venetian Plaster colors

When it comes to bedroom design, a Venetian color accent wall adds elegance and drama to any room. The light and dark contrast between the base color and Venetian plaster will draw the eye, but it won’t overtake your interior design.

It will create the illusion of a larger space and blend seamlessly with your existing decor.

This look works well on all types of bedroom wall surfaces, but be sure you opt for a flat Venetian plaster. If it has too much texture, your design will look unbalanced.

Design wise, neutral Venetian shades look better in bedrooms since they give the room a very sophisticated aesthetic. If you’re using a neutral, make sure to use warm lighting.

For the furniture, choose a white-painted wood bed (dark bed covers will work best here), use Vinyl wood planks for the floor – a maple or oak finish – and a neutral color rug.

Venetian Plaster colors

If you use a  carbon gray Venetian color accent wall in your bedroom, make sure to contrast it with white side tables, a white rug, and, if you wish, a comfy white sofa or chair.

Or you can choose to mix up and play with black, white, and gray pops in your bedroom. How about a striped or patterned black, white and gray rug?

Add to this aesthetic by choosing black pillows for your bed, and some simple black and white artwork for the accent wall.

For the lights, use pendant frames – either white or gray or mix it up with a golden pendant frame.

Make Your Small Bathroom Wider With Venetian Colors

Venetian Plaster colors

A bathroom can be a small space, but Venetian plaster colors can make it feel larger – and more premium at the same time.

Many homeowners prefer bathroom colors to be earthy and calming (traits that are inherent to Venetian plaster) and for such tastes, a beige or cream color will be the best wall paint choice. Remember one thing with Venetian colors, the more you polish your Venetian walls the more translucent the finish will be – some owners do this to achieve a more marble-like finish.

To enhance this fresh and natural aesthetic, choose a vinyl or laminate wooden flooring for your bathroom.

Venetian Plaster colors

If you’re not into neutrals, try going with ultra-deep colors – the Venetian red being a worthy choice. You can offset the darker bathroom by using beige or cream for the ceiling.

Make For Calming Or Focused Living Rooms

Venetian Plaster colors

Your living room is the perfect place for a Venetian color accent wall. It will liven up any space and bring some Mediterranean charm to your decor theme.

If you have an open floor plan, this look is perfect because it’ll tie together all of your interior design elements. Opt for flat acrylic Venetian plaster in this room so that you don’t overwhelm your living space.

If you have real marble tiles for your living room floor (especially white marble), you should go for a faux finish for your walls to make your living room the ultimate luxurious space.

If you have a light wood floor, then you have two choices:

1) To go for the airy and refreshing aesthetic choose a faux finish, gray and white shade for your living room. The final look will vary depending on the number of coats used (the usual number is 3). 

If you want a wall nearer to whitish gray, make the base color gray then paint a thin layer of white over it. For the final finish, use white again but take care not to overdo it as the gray will then become too light.

2) To go with a focused and sophisticated aesthetic choose a lighter base (like orange), then paint it over with red, then paint it over with maroon or a deep red.

Kitchen Paint Job: How To Use Venetian Colors To Make The Kitchen Your Favorite Place To Be

A Venetian color accent wall in your kitchen is a must if you’re looking for an update that doesn’t require much effort. This look will bring sophistication and elegance to your design while giving the illusion of more space. It will also liven up your kitchen, ensuring it’s the first room you want to spend time in.

Or how about a Venetian ceiling for your kitchen? When homeowners don’t want to paint any walls to update their kitchen (since painting one wall may require changes to other walls as well), then painting the ceiling is the best way to update your kitchen.

Depending on what color walls you already have, you can choose the particular Venetian color for your ceiling.

If you have brick walls/backsplashes, use a maroon Venetian shade for your ceiling complement. To contrast, go with either light gray or cream.

Regal And Luxurious Dining Spaces

A Venetian color accent wall in your dining room is an excellent way to make it feel more upscale. Plus, if you have a large dining table, the light and dark contrast between the base color and Venetian plaster will draw attention to it while making the room feel more open.

For the dining room ceiling, either a brown base and cream finish will work or a gray base and a light gray finish.

Venetian Plaster Colors For 2022 And Beyond

Venetian Plaster colors

In most cases, sign up for professional applicators when undertaking a Venetian plaster paint for your home; if you think you can go DIY, there’s no harm in this, provided you have some prior paint experience and knowledge.

Venetian colors are some of the most beautiful in the world and also one of the simplest ways to add some elegance to your home, and they will transform your home in a significant way.  So, whether you have a modern or traditional interior design, this look will harmonize with it without creating an overwhelming aesthetic.


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