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November 8, 2021

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What Are The Next Trends In Home Decor 2022

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The new year is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what you want your home to look like in 2022. The latest trend in home decor is sustainability, so think about ways to incorporate green practices into your design. 

Home decor is constantly evolving, and the next big trends in home decor have been predicted for 2022. The new trends will be a little different from what we’re used to seeing because our society and world are changing. 

The best thing about interior decorating, or any kind of design really, is that it’s constantly evolving and reinventing itself for each generation. However, since you can’t exactly predict where technology (and therefore our culture) might go in ten years, these predictions are more like guidelines than actual rules set in stone. So while they might not happen exactly as predicted, it wouldn’t be surprising if something very similar does occur because we live in an ever-changing world that’s always looking ahead to what comes next!


With that said, let’s dive into the 2022 Interior decorating trends you can expect to see in the upcoming year. The information provided is an interesting insight on what we should look forward to for interior decorating in this new era of technology and environmental awareness through other cultures who have their style, which will influence ours even more than before!

  • Convertible Furniture

The pandemic has forced us to be more versatile in our homes. Versatility will become a common trend for 2022 as we see spaces with multiple uses and interior decorating pieces that can change between looks easily without much effort or cost! Expect convertible furniture, murals & paintings all over your house this coming year.

Nexus News recently reported how people are beginning their New Year by making resolutions about what they want out of life – but before you start setting goals at the end of 2021, make sure not to forget about yourself first.

  • Extreme Minimalism

The trend of extreme minimalism is on-trend for 2022. This form has been brought about by the need to free up space and create peace to accomplish daily activities that are now done within one’s home rather than outside it. 

  • Curvy Furniture & Decor

We see more rounded shapes in furniture, lighting, and decor. Rounded edges make for a space that’s more comfortable because they have soothing energy to them – unlike sharp lines, which can be harsh on the eyes and our nerves!

  • Natural Materials

With the use of natural materials, you can have a more welcoming home in 2022. Natural materials add warmth and coziness and help to offset all that technology we’re being forced into during this unusual time by bringing balance back into our lives with organic plant-based items like wood, cane/ Rattan jute, linen, stone, etc. 

  • Sustainability

There are many different ways you can be environmentally conscious. One of these is using sustainable or recycled materials in your home, which will become more popular as people start caring for our planet and realizing how much they have impacted it with their daily life choices. For instance, expect furnishings made out of wood like cork, oak, bamboo, jute, Greece hemp linen, recycled plastic bottles,  recycled fibers, etc. 

  • Shades of Green

Green is a trending color for 2022, and it continues to be on-trend. Green helps us feel more connected with nature, as we’re enveloped in technology all day long! Expect olive or other warm shades of green alongside richer jewel tones being incorporated into home interiors through furniture, plants & decor.

  • Warm-Toned Kitchens

The trend of warm, natural tone kitchens is taking over in 2022! This change will be seen throughout the home, with cabinets and appliances becoming more eclectic. The all-white classic looks may never go “out-of-style,” but now it’s time to spice up your space by adding some color – especially if you want guests to feel cozy during their stay at home or work.

  • Light Coloured Floors

With so many people feeling confined to their homes, it’s no surprise that light-colored hardwood floors will be on-trend in 2022. They help make a space feel larger and can reflect natural light, which brightens up the airy environment around them. 

  •  Black Accents

Though there is a common theme of natural elements coming into 2022, black accents will be more popular than ever. This may be because they offer the contrast against other organic materials like wood and plastics while also lending themselves beautifully to kitchen appliances and other home decor accents. You can expect to see it used in furniture, lighting fixtures, trimming around door frames (like molding), ceilings for odd-shaped rooms – even walls!

  • Comfort & Durability

With 2020 and 2021 having been so uncertain, many people are embracing working from home. As a result of this need for comfortability in their temporary living spaces while they wait to get back into regular life again; we will see furniture that focuses heavily on providing both durability as well as ample space for sitting or lying down.

  • Art Deco Patterns

In a world of rapidly changing technology and evolving social norms, Art Deco patterns are still relevant. The style emphasizes functionality with modern aesthetics that will help you stand out in today’s society. Art Deco has been proven time after again as one popular design trend every year. 

Final Thoughts

The trend for interior design in 2022 is professional and engaging. Conversational, collaborative spaces will be the new standard as we move into a world where people connect more than ever before.

You can expect to see more professional and engaging design trends in 2022. For your home or business interior to be successful, you need a conversational tone that will engage family, friends, or clients and customers on their level.  If you’re looking to remodel your home in 2022, you must watch the latest trends. In this article, we’ve highlighted our predictions for what will be popular in interior design by 2020 and how these styles may impact your next renovation project.


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