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January 10, 2022

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Work From Home (WFH) Spaces, 10 Ideas for 2022

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The Work From Home (WFH) trend has been steadily rising for quite some time now. And with more and more people working remotely, the need for designated work from home spaces is booming. If you’re one of the many people looking to create a functional workspace in your home, read on for ten ideas to get you started. From versatile furniture options to layout ideas that optimize productivity, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to turn that extra bedroom, den, or even closet into your very own WFH oasis!

Your home office is a place where you often spend most days in one spot, so making sure the design reflects this can help create an environment conducive to creativity without any distractions or inconvenience! Some design trends that might be worth considering are:

  • Open floor plans with natural light sources (especially windows)
  • Increased use of white walls as they are known not only as more productive rooms but also provide brightness during darker times outside
  • Experts even recommend putting plants around desks to help with air quality.
  • Décor that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Work from home (WFH) is becoming an increasingly popular option for employees. Here are our top ten ideas for work from home spaces:

1) Create A Dedicated Work Area

If possible, try to designate an entire room as your WFH space. This will ensure that you have enough workspace, storage for supplies and files, as well as a comfortable work environment and privacy.

2) Use Furniture To Your Advantage 

Invest in modular pieces of furniture that can be used in multiple ways depending on whether they’re being used in the work or relaxation areas of the room/space. For example, a day bed can easily double as a couch during the workday and be turned into a bed at night.

3) Consider Your Lighting Options

Poor lighting is one of the main reasons people cite for not working from home effectively. Make sure you have plenty of natural light coming in, as well as work lamps, task lighting and more to ensure you have a bright workspace.

4) Make It Mobile-Friendly

When choosing furniture for your work area/room, make sure that everything can be easily moved around based on the room’s layout at different times of day or week. This will save you valuable time when trying to get work done.

5) Add Some Personality

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can decorate your space in any way that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. So go ahead and add some personal touches to make it feel like your own!

6) Create A Designated Relaxation Area

In order to work effectively, you must have time set aside for relaxation; this will ensure your work/life balance stays in check. So, create an area of the house dedicated solely to relaxing and unwinding whenever you feel like taking a break from work!

7) Optimize Storage Space 

The more organized your work area is, the better work you will get done. Ensure ample storage space for work files, important documents, and supplies that you regularly use when working from home.

8) Utilize Windows In Your Work Area/Room

Incorporating natural light into your work area can help keep you focused throughout the day. It’s also a great way to keep your work environment feeling bright and open.

9) Make It Comfortable

Make sure you’re sitting in a chair or a couch that is conveniently designed, as well as the perfect height for workdays spent at home. This will help prevent pain or discomfort when working from home over more extended periods.

10) Make It Work For You

Work from home spaces should be designed to work with your needs. So make sure to set up everything in a way that will allow you to work efficiently and effectively, whether at the computer or on the couch taking a break!

Versatile Furniture Options For Work From Home Spaces

When creating a work from home space, it’s essential to think about the type of furniture you’ll need. Luckily, there are many versatile options available that can accommodate various needs. Here are a few ideas to make things simpler for you:

Desk & Chair

If you’re going to be spending most of your time in your work from home space, a desk and chair is a must. Choose a comfortable model that fits well in the space you’ve designated for your WFH area.

Couch Or Recliner 

If you need to take breaks throughout the day, it can be helpful to have a comfy place to relax. A couch or recliner is perfect for this.


A TV can be an excellent tool for staying productive when working from home. If you have the space, consider adding one to your WFH area.


Having a printer in your work from home space is essential, especially if your job requires you to print documents or forms regularly. Make sure you have an easily accessible workspace for your printer.

Filing Cabinet

If paperwork is a big part of what you do, consider investing in a good filing cabinet to store important files and documents. It’ll make it much easier to stay organized.

Decor Items 

Of course, this work from home oasis isn’t just about function. It’s also about feeling comfortable and at home. Add some positive vibes to your workspace with decorations that make you happy.

Layout Ideas For Work From Home Spaces

A work from home (WFH) space is essentially an office in your living room. While you might not need to worry about that open concept kitchen and hallway layout, it’s essential to plan when

designing a work area for the first time. Think about how often you’ll be using this workstation. Will it only serve as your occasional office, or is it your full-time work Homebase?

Once you’ve answered that question, consider the following layout ideas:

If You Only Use Your WFH Space Occasionally

  • A small desk in the corner of your living room or bedroom can suffice for part-time work. Just make sure to clear off work materials before you’re ready to turn in for the night.
  • If work needs are infrequent, perhaps set up your workstation on your patio or balcony; that way, it’s always accessible when work calls.

If You’ll Be Working From Home Full-Time

  • The size of your WFH space depends entirely on how much work you plan to do at home and how much space you have available. If work is your part-time gig, just a small workstation in the corner of your living room should suffice.
  • Suppose work needs are more demanding and require ample space for multiple workstations or work areas (i.e. an office workstation, a work area for meeting clients). In that case, it may be wise to dedicate an entire room of your home to work.
  • Turning that extra basement bedroom into a work oasis is always an option if you have the space in your basement.


If you’re working from home at any time, it’s crucial to set boundaries and maintain a work/life balance. If your office space or living room workstation feels too commercial or cold, replace work materials with family photos and personal decor so that the work area doesn’t take over your entire living space. Invest in some furniture pieces that can work double-duty as both a work and relaxation area, like an ottoman with storage or a chaise lounge chair. And don’t forget to create a designated break area where you can take a quick walk, grab a bite to eat, or drink some tea to help work feel less like work.

With all these ideas in mind, you’re ready to start creating your very own work from home space! Just remember to think about what works best for you and your needs, and be sure to have fun with it.


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